05 - 06 Blade


Does anyone know what the differences are between the 05 and 06 blades? I like the 06 style and I’m not sure if it’s the same as the 05.

Any help would be great.


05 & 06 are same part from colours - the 07 is the mod’s upgrade and style change!

There are some pretty fundemental differences but the important thing is that the 06 is far better and way more rideable.

Off the top of my head the changes from 05/06 were shortened wheel base on the 06, revised gearing in the lower gears. think there was an engine revision giving a few more RPM to compensate for the revised gearing. So there ya go… Get the 06 if your budget can run to it, I’ve ridden both the 05 & 06 and the 06 is like a quantum leap in terms of real world rideability.

Yeah 06 was the new model…No change this year…08 is next model revision

You could always go for a Suzuki…