04+ R1 owners I need u again

Still having problems with my R1…

It’s idling very roughly which I thought was the known problems with certain 04 R1s having dodgy Throttle Position Sensors.

Took the bike to Metropolis to get this sorted…Yamaha paid for the TPS part, but then Metrop charged me £70 for an hours labour

Grrrr…And the problem is still there…Rough idling with the bike sometimes cutting out at the lights…WTF!

Reluctant to take it back to Metrop cos it was me that said I needed the TPS…It was not diagnosed, so I can’t blame 'em and say sort it.

So…What’s wrong? Can I just adjust the idle speed myself? I know cos the bike is Fuel Injected there’s no fuel screw, but can I do it from the dash in diagnostic mode.

Someone help please…Already spent money when I didn’t have to.

yammy should have covered th labour too mate, metropolis are pulling a fast one. looks like you’re not alone - long thread but think there are some places to start in here.


take it to george whites in farringdon and speak to Mo. they’ve got some good guys in their service dept and hopefully can help

the yamaha recall is on MCN for the 02-05 r1’s.


This has pissed me off now…Can I be recompensed?

write to yamaha and get confirmation that they should have covered the full repair then take it to metropolis. if they dont give you a refund, send it to their general manager

Thats what Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trade … now under Public Protection …is there for …since we as tax payers pay for them … give 'em a ring. If it ain’t clean on the throttle its been returned in a non-roadworthy condition, regardless of who diagnosed what. Good luck.

Thanks…Spoke to a Nick Girling at Yamaha technical support who confirmed what you guys said, that I have to write them a letter and include a photocopy of the labour invoice from Metropolis.

Will keep you updated.

Bike is sorted now…

Took it to the Yamaha Service Centre in Fulham and I spoke to Paul, a top bloke who is a mechanic there.

When he took the bike in he said that basically, the Metropolis mechanic had just put the new TPS in and hadn’t calibrated it at all. Not only that, the mechanic had left the old seal in there and just slapped the new one on top . The return cable was getting slightly stuck which again was throwing out all the wrong readings from the TPS to the bike’s ECU.

I won’t be going back to Metropolis…

Unfortunately, my case to be refunded the charges from Yamaha is still pending.

Hopefully sorted soon.

glad you got it sorted mate. shame to have my opinion of that place confirmed

Cheers mate.

Yamaha sent me a cheque last week, refunding me all charges.

Nice one and thanks to Nick Girling for the understanding and resolving the issue in a timely fashion.

Nice when it all gets sorted out in the end.

You should put a post about Metropolis in the NAME AND SHAME section to let everyone know they’re crap.

congrats mate, glad you didn’t get tucked up in the end

is the bike running well now?

Yeah…Good idea.

Cheers jonny…R1s running ace now…Just want to find somewhere to test the 7K + revs capability