04 r1 headlight indicators

can anyone help me? im looking for a set of front indicators that replace the side lights in the headlamp of an 04 r1? i have seen them on ebay in the past but cant find em anywhere now? :crazy:

hi mate there still on there ive just trawled the whole R1 search pages there on there mate but a quick one from r1 04 fellow owner there **** cant really see them mate

I too saw them on the bay but have been unable to find them since just before Crimbo, I want some for my 07 R1 :wink:

Speaking of side lights mate…

I got stopped by an ANPR traffic copper in a Subaru Impreza on the A127 last Friday because of blue LED side lights.

He took down the bike details and recorded a mark against it to say that if it is seen with blue lights again, then the rider should be arrested.

Was weird because I’d been riding in London town with them on for months and not had a problem…Even when I was stopped for something else recently :Whistling:

I told the copper I didn’t know it was such a serious offence, to which he replied, “Didn’t you think it was a bit funny that vehicles were moving out of your way”

“Yes, it did sometimes make me laugh”, I said.

i dont want blue. Normal colour orange is fine. If they are still on the bay could someone post the link or the item number? Ta very much :slight_smile:

try the following ask them about the r1 stuff they did have them on there


cheers basejumper ur a gem :wink: