02plate r6 re-thread

the reason you locked it is becuase you dont have the anwser’s!
you sad wankers
you feel good about urselfs wen ur talkin rubbish, givin ur veiws and opions but its all a load of ********, that was my 1st post and this is my last!

and you probly delete this post becuase the truth hurts


In case you are wondering…


you could be some little street rat looking to start a r6 that you and your “fam” have stolen in a van because you only know of two bikes the r1 and r6

clearly because youve flown of the handle it sounds like your not legit and been caught out


Your gonna last long aint you, pr1ck

plenty of people here know how to start bike without keys but how the fvck do we know you are legit and not some sh1tty little prick who has eyed up a bike and wants to nick it? Think about it!

with an attitude like yours it would not surprise me too.

Really is beyond belief!

[center]Nope not going to delete this thread but I am going to lock it like the other one as it serves no purpose for the good of LB other than to highlight your poor attitude. I think that you should read through what the other members have said and have a think.

Please do not restart this thread again.