Announcements From time to time we make announcements, either because we’re doing things or because we need to provide help. You can find those announcements here. Newbies Welcome to <a href=""></a>! We’re a community of bikers that meet online and on the road. To make it easy to get going with LB, we recommend introducing yourselves here with a post. Some ideas on what to say: Charity LB as community has a rich history of giving back to society by way of raising money for charities, or putting in personal time for charitable causes. Our official charity of choice is the London Air Ambulance, which has time and time again saved the lives of a number of bikes in the capital.
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As @Jay has alluded, we are pulling together a newsletter to let everyone know, new and old, that LondonBikers has had a face lift. And that we hope to see them back on the forum soon. We’ve had lovely conversations wit…

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