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The Enduring Cult of the Café Racer, in all its Ton-Up Glory!

The Enduring Cult of the Café Racer, in all its Ton-Up Glory!

2 hi-def photos  2 comments 07 November 2009, 21:47
The Café Racer is one of the most enduring styles of motorcycle ever created, encapsulating the rebellious spirit of the '50s. This new book is a look back at the glory days of the Café Racer, from Friday night dices on London's North Circular road, through the street specials craze of the Seventies, to the modern day revival.
Sharp Motorcycle Test Results

Sharp Motorcycle Test Results

1 hi-def photos  4 comments 03 July 2008, 19:46
The UK Department of Transport is now providing star ratings for motorcycle helmets, in a bid to improve safety and offer the buyer a rough idea of each product's protective qualities. Most UK bikers don't really known how motorcycle helmets are designed, manufactured and tested. Once there were BSI standards, now we have the UN ECE 22.05 tests, but many riders still make a judgement by asking other bikers for recommendations, or assess the overall construction, comfort and fit, when trying lids on in a shop. But all that is changing as the UK government backed SHARP ( Safety Helmet Assessment Ratings Programme ) comes onstream in 2008, offering ratings from one to five stars for most popular biking lids. The idea is to give consumers an idea of the potential protective qualities a helmet might have, with one star at the lower end, and five stars being the top rating.
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