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Alpinestars to Launch Exclusive MotoGP Collection

By: Garret Cashman | Published 18 September 2008, 13:22 | Views: 2,546 | tags: clothing, alpinestars, dorna, motogp, leather, jackets
Alpinestars and Dorna have entered into a partnership that will create a new technical and casual clothing collection branded ‘MotoGP’.
The agreement will bring together Alpinestars’ expertise in clothing development and the growing recognition of the MotoGP brand which Dorna, the series commercial rights-holders, have established as a world recognized symbol of sporting excellence.

Both Dorna and Alpinestars share a long history of participation in the premier category of motorcycle racing, as well as a passion for the technology, speed and human endeavour that drives the sport. Alpinestars will seek to reflect these values in the technical collection of riding apparel and the casual clothing that compliments the range.

The MotoGP collection will consist of a limited edition range of leather riding jackets and a bespoke range of co-branded clothing with distinctive designs and top grade materials aimed at motorcycle riders and fans who follow the MotoGP World Championship on its globetrotting route through the season.

Alpinestars will launch the collection early in 2009 and distribute MotoGP products throughout its worldwide sales network.

Combining the technical and production expertise of the Alpinestars brand and the World Championship marque will give the MotoGP Collection a unique and powerful combination of technical competence and racing style. The collection will carry both Alpinestars logos and the MotoGP logo, ensuring that enthusiasts around the world can enjoy riding apparel and clothing which truly reflects the high values and competitive spirit of MotoGP.

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