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Clean Up with Q8 Oils

By: Garret Cashman | Published 17 September 2008, 02:49 | Views: 1,489 | tags: products, cleaning, engine oil, q8, lube
Mounted behind the front wheel and close to the road surface, motorcycle engines are exposed to a significant volume of dirt and spray, which can accelerate corrosion if left untreated.
Q8Oils Engine Cleaner is a specially formulated product to clean and degrease motorcycle engines and other mechanical parts quickly and efficiently.  

Simply spray onto the outer surface of the engine in uniform layers, ensuring that the mist reaches inaccessible parts. Leave the product for a short time to remove oil and grease residues, then wash off with clean water. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Because Q8Oils formulated their Engine Cleaner for motorcycles it is compatible with normally used engine materials and does not harm the lacquer or electrical components. It also has good water solubility properties for easy flushing with water.

Prices for Q8Oils Engine Cleaner start at around £7.99 including VAT.  

For details of stockists please contact:

Tel: 0113 2350555
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