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We Launch Moto Professional - Pro Photos for Everyone

By: Jay Adair | Published 10 September 2008, 12:34 | Views: 2,033 | tags: websites, photos, photography, moto professional, londonbikers, media panther network
Media Panther Network, which owns LB has just launched a new service for the motorsport industry designed to provide the vast majority of those in the industry who can't afford professional photos just that, professional photos, online, reasonably priced and without fuss; .

LB holds wide acclaim throughout the industry for being the first website to provide such high-resolution racing photographs from the top motorcycle racing events such as British Superbikes, World Superbikes, MotoGP, British Motocross and World Motocross, in a way that portrays the whole event, not just what goes on, on-track. These photographs have been in constant demand not just by our readers, but by race teams, racers and other industry members looking to license the photos for their own use.

Moto Professional allows those in the racing world* to browse and buy** our photographs online and to download them straight away, with no hassle or complicated photography jargon. The service is designed for racers, teams, sponsors, websites and publications. Once registered, you can browse or search our library of photos, and even subscribe to various RSS feeds to keep up on the latest photos for a subject, i.e. "Shane Byrne" or "Brands Hatch". 


Only the top few race teams or publications can afford to commission a professional photographer (even then they might not get the photo desired), but the rest of the racing world still needs photos for marketing and sponsorship reasons. Moto Professional aims to be the best place to source professional motorsport photos at reasonable rates. No longer will pro photos be the reserve of the big players. We're going maintstream.


We're slowly getting our complete archive of professional LB photos from various racing and other motorcycle events online. We've got over three years worth and tens of thousands of amazing photos from the following race series:

  • British Superbikes
  • World Superbikes
  • MotoGP
  • British MX
  • World MX

We've always taken pride in covering not just the main racing classes, but also the support classes, so we can offer Superstock, Supersport, KTM Superduke Cup, R6 Cup, R1 Cup and 125GP support class photos as well within the British Superbikes series.


We've worked hard to make it as simple as possible to browse and search for photos you're interested. You can search for things, either by 'tag', i.e. "Shane Byrne", or via more complex searches like "Shane Byrne AND Wheelies" to narrow your searches. All our photos are marked with tags, i.e. keywords which describe the photo, for instance "Shane Byrne, Airwaves Ducati, Cadwell Park, BSB, British Superbikes, The Mountain, Wheelies". Searching for any of these tags will find the photo.

Each tag has a dedicated page where you can see the latest photos for that tag, and even subscribe to an RSS feed to keep up on the latest photos for it as they come online.


Prices start from £6.99 for a simple Web-Use license, through to £199.99 for a full-size original Print-Use license. The range of simple licenses we have means teams and racers can get photos for their websites cheaply and those wanting to make casual prints or full-size professional prints can do as well.


We will soon be opening up the service to invite the very best motorsport photographers to join us and sell their photos through Moto Professional as well. The offer will allow photographers to capitalise upon photos which would normally never see the light of day and to provide secure storage means for their photos on our industrial-grade secure storage platform.

This will mean Moto Professional will become the single best place to obtain the best motorsport photos, online, straight-away and without fuss. We believe in keeping it simple, fast and reasonably priced.

* Moto Professional is a business/team service only for now.

** You buy a license to use a photo, not the photo itself, though a copy of the photo is provided with the license at purchase-time.

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mightlife | 10 September 2008, 17:34
What a lovely site!

Andrew is my hero!
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