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FIM MX & Supermoto to be Broadcast Live on

By: Neil Everett | Published 05 August 2008, 01:55 | Views: 2,885 | tags: mx, fim motocross world championship, youthstream,, supermoto, giuseppe luongo, raymond dulieu, dr. wolfgang srb
The FIM Motocross World Championship promoter Youthstream and the online broadcaster have reached an important agreement to broadcast the series for free live and delayed on from 2009.
This new partnership will bring important benefits to the sport, courtesy of the Internet streaming free of charge, Motocross and SuperMoto will become a lot more accessible to accommodate all the current fans and to attract new audiences.

Thanks to, which is already showing and will continue to show the MXGP highlights and lots of extra features on the Championship, the FIM Motocross and SuperMoto World Championships will become the first major sports to be broadcast live and delayed online for free.

The FIM Women's Motocross World Championship will be aired on which will also cover the MX3 and Snowcross World series, the Veterans World Cup and the FIM Off Road Awards.

The whole coverage will be available for websites to embed, as the common goal is to increase the sports coverage and visibility worldwide.

Youthstream President Mr. Giuseppe Luongo stated:

"This is a very important moment for the fans worldwide, from next year they will be able to follow the FIM Motocross World Championships and SuperMoto World Championship free of charge from anywhere in the world. Thanks to this agreement between Youthstream and the Motocross World Championship will enter everyones homes all over the world.  We would like to thank for believing and investing in our sport, and together I am sure we will reach unbelievable levels. Youthstream will continue to invest in the TV Production and from 2009 we will see the new camera on-board live, cameras in the pit-lane, etc we always strive to increase the quality of the production and give always a better show to the fans.  Its fantastic that for the first time we will have also a highlight programme completely dedicated to the MX3 and European Motocross Championship broadcasted on TV and on" CEO Mr. Raymond Dulieu said:

"Our partnership with Youthstream over the coming three years is a new and major milestone for We launched our online video service almost a year before YouTube and we were the first to cover action sports LIVE on Internet. We've now created a unique opportunity to offer a leading global sport unprecedented visibility. Fans across the globe will enjoy full access to the best MX racing in the world in high quality and free of charge. It is a technical and business challenge we will master thanks to the experience, knowledge and dedication we have gained over the last four years."

FIM/CMS President Dr. Wolfgang Srb ended:

"I am very happy for the Motocross and SuperMoto fans all over the world that they can watch free of charge all the events of these two great FIM World Championships. This is a most important step for the globalisation of the sport, from which everybody will benefit, the riders and teams, the manufacturers and sponsors and last, but not least, the millions of fans all around the globe that love the sport so much. I am very grateful to Youthstream for this outstanding project."


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