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Sixth Place S2 Finish for Pignotti in Sardinia

By: Neil Everett | Published 17 July 2008, 10:49 | Views: 2,425 | tags: ktm, attilio pignotti, supermoto, motorcycles, offroad
KTM S2 rider Attilio Pignotti came away from two difficult day's riding in the port city of Olbia in Sardinia with a sixth place in S2 to pick up enough championship points to take him to fourth in the current standings.
Pignotti struggled with his feeling for the bike and the track, which was a new venue on the Supermoto world championship series. The Italian and his team were unable to arrive at a good setting for the rear suspension and instead he chose to ride a nervous and rather conservative race for a solid sixth and salvage more points to add to his total for the season.

As well as set-up problems, Pignotti is also still troubled with a fractured wrist injury that is not completely recovered and found it difficult to tackle the offroad section of the course at Olbia. He hopes to be fully recovered to ride in the next round in three weeks time in Austria, essentially a home GP for KTM, the Austrian manufacturer.

S2 Results:

1. Davide Gozzini, Italy, TM,
2. Adrien Chareyre, France, Husqvarna
3. Massimo Beltrami, Italy, Aprilia
4. Gerald Delepine, Belgium, Husqvarna
5. Luca Minutilli, Italy, Aprilia
6. Attilio Pignotti, Italy, KTM

1. A. Chareyre, France, 184
2. Davide Gozzini, Italy, 177
3. Gerald Delepine, Belgium, 133
4. Attilio Pignotti, Italy, KTM, 133
5. Luca Minutilli, Italy, 128

Images by Batini P.

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