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Coppins win sees Yamaha 1-2 in MX1-GP Series

By: Neil Everett | Published 03 July 2008, 13:28 | Views: 2,748 | tags: offroad, mx1-gp world championship, mx1, mx, yamaha monster motocross team, josh coppins, david philippaerts, teutschenthal, germany
Yamaha Monster Motocross Team's Josh Coppins emphatically aced his first victory of the 2008 MX1-GP World Championship with a double moto sweep at a sun-drenched and packed Talkessel circuit in Teutschenthal for the Grand Prix of Germany. The eighth round of fifteen in the series saw the Kiwi take his first spoils since Bulgaria 2007 and his first double since Mantova 14 months ago, rising to second position in the standings as a consequence. David Philippaerts was fourth and keeps the championship lead, meaning both YZ450FM riders are now 'one and two' and Yamaha head the manufacturer's table by 19 points. The old Talkessel layout provided its usual mix of elevation changes and cambered turns. The majority of the soil of the fast course had been ripped and prepared and grew rougher in places but the grey hard-pack dirt remained slippery and stony in others. 34,000 spectators enjoyed some excellent weather.
Philippaerts and Coppins were both on the pace throughout practice. The championship leader even posting the quickest time in the second Free session. For Timed Practice the two YZ450FMs were constantly among the leading group with Coppins eventually sealing fourth place and Philippaerts in seventh, just over half a second away from the pole position time.  Coppins started well in both motos and ran in the top three in the formative stages both times. The 31 year old pursued Billy Mackenzie as the Scot broke free twice but the leader tired with after recently recovering from a shoulder injury. Coppins, who finished as runner-up at the previous round in France, bided his time to seize control in Moto1 and Moto2 and comfortably maintained his advantage once ahead. Local favourite Max Nagl was close to within two seconds in the second sprint but the former world championship runner-up was peerless, a new exhaust pipe proving a useful assistance on the speedy curves.

Philippaerts had a complicated set of races. The first moto saw an average start that meant he had to work hard to overtake riders in the bottom half of the top ten. Thanks to the mistakes of several others and his improving lap-times he arrived to third place and was pressurising Steve Ramon for second in the last two circulations. A slow start once again in Moto2 was a small handicap but the Italian also had another problem in that a damaged rib from his fall in France two weeks ago worsened and left him struggling for breath. Sixth position meant that he just missed the top three but scaled the podium for the sixth time this season to collect his red-plate. A crash and 18th place finish by Steve Ramon was also positive for the title chase.

Yamaha Van Beers' Aigar Leok scored his best result of the year with 7th position overall courtesy of 9th and 8th slots in the races.  UTag's Kenneth Gundersen has begun cycling and light training after recovering from an operation on the knee injury sustained in practice for the opening round in April. The Norwegian could possibly return to action before the end of the season.  With Philippaerts leading the championship by 4 points from Coppins, and Ramon 16 points behind in third, the series now moves to Uddevalla for the Grand Prix of Sweden and round nine next week.

Josh Coppins, Yamaha Monster Motocross Team, 1st:

"There is a lot of emotion for me with this win and I am very happy today. I would like to thank all the people who have supported me. The results were not what we all expected and there have been some hard times. We knuckled down to work and I knew the results would come, I promised them to the team in fact. My last double was at Mantova in 2007 but to be honest even my last victory feels like a long time ago. It is nice to get that feeling back again and it makes the training tomorrow a lot easier. The championship now looks a lot different. I think only two races ago I was 54 points behind.  The important step I made was in my training and approach, working closely with my mechanic, doing the right training at the right tracks.  About today, they watered the track a lot and it was really slippery, even dangerous in fact. Billy Mackenzie went into the lead but I knew he did not have the condition after his injury to run that pace the whole time. Sebastien was there also but I thought I could deal with him. My main concern was Max, because he had not done the first moto and it was pretty hot out there, the crowd were obviously with him also. I was thinking about my own race and things went well. We had a new pipe this weekend with a bit more power, which I was happy about."

David Philippaerts, Yamaha Monster Motocross Team, 4th:

"The track was difficult, certainly for passing, and it was also very hot so I am quite pleased with the result. I started the first moto too slowly but got a lot better and was riding well. I pushed hard to get Ramon but it was too tricky to overtake. I had a similar start in the second moto but after two or three laps I had a lot of pain in my rib. I think it might be a fracture or something from the crash in France. I had some discomfort before this GP but I think I made it worse in the race and need to see if I can get some treatment. Pourcel was a little too fast and I settled for the points because I knew I could not increase my speed. Josh is now up to second in the championship and feeling 100%. He will be very competitive now but we still have a lot of races and points to go. It is great for Yamaha and the team that we are both up there. I really like the bike and for sure it is one of the best out there because it is so easy to ride it fast. Yamaha have helped me so much and I feel very happy where I am right now."

Mino Raspanti, Racing Manager:

"A great win for Josh this weekend and of course to be first and second in the championship is fantastic for the team, we don't mind which order for either Josh or David but we are happy to be there! Josh continued his improvement from France and I am really happy for him because he has continued to work really hard. David struggled in the beginning to pass other riders because it was not easy but then he made the best lap-time and to finish third was very good. In the second moto he had another start that was not the best and he felt a little tired and had some pain in his rib. The result was not bad and he still leads the championship. We tried a new pipe this weekend to give more power and the response from the riders was positive." 

2008 GP of Germany, Teutschenthal  29/06/2008
Race 1 - 18 Laps:     
1.  Joshua Coppins          Yamaha   NZL    39'32.337     
2.  Steve Ramon              Suzuki    BEL     0'3.070                                                                                  
3.  David Philippaerts       Yamaha   ITA     0'6.896      
4.  Ken De Dycker           Suzuki     BEL     0'11.101                                                                                  
5.  Julien Bill                   Honda     CHE     0'14.773                                                                                  
6.  Tanel Leok              Kawasaki    EST     0'25.707                                                                                  
7.  Sébastien Pourcel     Kawasaki   FRA     0'41.215                                                                                  
8.  Manuel Priem           Kawasaki   BEL      0'43.714                                                                                  
9.  Aigar Leok                Yamaha    EST     0'47.859                                                                                  
10.  Clement Desalle        Suzuki    BEL     0'53.196                                                                                  
11.  Kornel Nemeth           KTM      HUN     0'55.972                                                                                  
12.  Alex Salvini              Suzuki    ITA     0'59.697                                                                                  
13.  Luis Correira            Yamaha  POR     1'1.435                                                                                  
14.  Jonathan Barragan      KTM     ESP     1'10.148                                                                                  
15.  Billy MacKenzie          Honda   GBR     1'11.334                                                                                  
16.  Carlos Campano       Yamaha  ESP     1'18.406                                                                                  
17.  Cedric Melotte           Aprilia    BEL      1'22.257                                                                                  
18.  Bradley Anderson       Suzuki  GBR     1'24.362                                                                                  
19.  Loic Leonce             Yamaha   FRA     1'38.600                                                                                  
20.  Tom Church            Kawasaki GBR     1'52.977                                                                                     

Race 2 - 18 Laps:
1. Joshua Coppins               Yamaha    NZL     40'27.188   
2.  Ken De Dycker                 Suzuki     BEL     0'7.806                                                                                  
3.  Tanel Leok                      Kawasaki  EST     0'10.916                                                                                  
4.  Maximilian Nagl                 KTM       GER     0'18.247                                                                                  
5.  Sébastien Pourcel            Kawasaki  FRA     0'28.423                                                                                  
6.  David Philippaerts           Yamaha    ITA      0'31.971         
7.  Julien Bill                        Honda      CHE      0'37.039                                                                                  
8.  Aigar Leok                     Yamaha     EST     0'44.990                                                                                  
9.  Manuel Priem                Kawasaki   BEL      0'51.781                                                                                  
10.  Billy MacKenzie              Honda     GBR      1'1.592                                                                                  
11.  Carlos Campano           Yamaha    ESP      1'10.237                                                                                  
12.  Alex Salvini                   Suzuki     ITA      1'16.744                                                                                  
13.  Clement Desalle             Suzuki    BEL      1'21.679                                                                                  
14.  Bradley Anderson           Suzuki    GBR     1'26.075                                                                                  
15.  Marcus Schiffer               KTM       GER     1'35.770                                                                                  
16.  Scott Columb                Suzuki     NZL     1'39.564                                                                                  
17.  Lauris Freibergs            Yamaha    LVA     1'42.011                                                                                  
18.  Steve Ramon                Suzuki     BEL      1'46.550                                                                                  
19.  Tom Church                Kawasaki   GBR     1'56.662                                                                                  
20.  Kornel Nemeth                KTM      HUN     1'59.599                                                                                        

Rider Standings     29/06/2008:
1. David Philippaerts          Yamaha     ITA         266
2. Joshua Coppins             Yamaha      NZL        262

3. Steve Ramon                 Suzuki       BEL        250
4. Ken De Dycker               Suzuki       BEL        240
5. Sébastien Pourcel          Kawasaki    FRA        231

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