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Windy Day Leaves MSS Discovery Deflated Yet Determined

By: Tasha Crook | Published 28 May 2008, 19:34 | Views: 978 | tags: bsb, superbikes, mss discovery kawasaki, billy mcconnell, stuart easton, nick morgan, donington park
As the barometer needle dropped, and wind tore across the vast expanse of the 2.5 mile circuit, the two Donington Park bank holiday BSB races did no favours for the Essex based MSS Discovery Team.
With high hopes from qualifying – and a machine in the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R that is kind to tyres – it was disappointing in the extreme for Stuart Easton to have tyre issues almost from the start of the first race.

“The tyre didn’t go off as such; it never actually came on if you know what I mean”, said Easton. “I pushed as hard as I dare, but I was ever conscious that a finish and points is always far better than a temporary high placing and then a huge off”.

Likewise, the team’s other rider, Billy McConnell, had a nightmare first outing.

“I was settling into the groove and then, on the second lap, she cut out at the Fogarty esses and I had to take to the grass. Funny thing was that the bike started almost straight away and I thought it must have been an airlock or something. My luck didn’t last though, and pretty soon I realised that the bike was stuttering at high revs and cutting out so I pulled in to avoid any possible damage”.

Between races the lion’s share of team attention was focussed on Billy’s bike to try and cure the mystery engine fault. With the loom checked it was down to changing the tilt switch, a device which cuts the ignition in the event of a crash, to see if it was the cause of the problem.

“We sent Billy out in race two thinking we had traced the fault but soon after the start it came back”, commented a disappointed Team Principle, Nick Morgan. “Understandably Billy doesn’t cope with DNF’s very well and I can’t say I blame the lad. We did what we could, but it must have been a fueling problem which we will now look into”.

On the other side of the pit box, Stuart had another points scoring ride in race two but was again not happy with his rubber. After saving a potentially huge highside and losing places, he moved back up the pack and preserved his eighth place in the championship with more valuable points in eleventh place.

“None of us, the riders, myself or the lads in the pit box can hide our disappointment”, admitted Morgan after the second race rider debrief. “To have been fastest in so many sectors during practice and then to be dealt this hand of bad luck is asking a lot of us… but at MSS Discovery we simply don’t do defeat. We had already planned some further testing within ten minutes of the end of race two, and we are determined to be back at Snetterton with an even greater desire to succeed”.
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andrew&7 | 29 May 2008, 12:48
ah wondered what happened to them.
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