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HANNspree Ten Kate Honda Dominates Supersport Podium

The HANNspree Ten Kate Honda team managed to take top honours in a close Supersport battle at their home track in Assen.
Jonathan Rea immediately lead the race after his start from the front row and showed how quickly he has familiarised himself with the fast Dutch circuit. Andrew Pitt, who started on the third row, also made his way forward in the field quickly and took the lead from Jonathan in the 3rd lap.

Pitt and Rea were neck on neck coming through the last Geert Timmer chicane, but Pitt managed to outpace his teammate with less then a bike length and claimed his second Supersport victory this season. Jonathan Rea claimed his first ever WSS podium in what was easily his best race weekend in the competition so far.

Ronald ten Kate, Team Manager

“What an amazing race. I don’t think we have ever participated in an exciting battle like this and I can sure tell you its not good for my heart! What a result, it is so good to see both our riders on top of the rostrum in our home race.”

“Jonathan and Andrew dominated the race and were challenging each other in one of the most exciting races I’ve watched so far. It was close racing up at the front of the field but all riders were riding competitive and fair race. ”

“I want to give my big compliments to the team who have been working hard all weekend and prepared the winning Honda’s that got both riders on the podium today. I am really looking forward to the next race in Monza.”

Andrew Pitt, 1st place

“I was trying to keep myself up front as much as possible like I did in Phillip Island. Jonathan was very strong and riding smoothly, but at some parts of the track I was faster, on other parts he was, so we kept overtaking each other and swapping positions.”

”I want to say thanks to my mechanics, we had a tough weekend during the practice sessions and tried to solve the issues we faced after the last race in Valencia.”

“Jonathan and I had a couple of close overtakes, maybe too close at some points, but we both got through it and managed to set a great result for the team’s home race. Now bring on Monza!”

Jonathan Rea, 2nd place

“First I want to congratulated Andrew who rode a great race.”

”The bike has been pretty good all weekend, it was a big challenge for me to come onto this new circuit and made a pretty good job of learning it. We were banging on the door in the top 3 all weekend.”

“For me the race was a good example of Supersport racing, I’ve improved my riding by racing so close and have learnt a lot in the first laps.”

“We also made break through with the front tyre this weekend, we chose a different one then we used at the other races previous. For most part of the race I felt I had it under control until the last lap. I got on the breaks as late as I could, but Andrew was just coming in on the inside. We were both on the limit and had to let the breaks off. That’s when I ran wide and got on the wrong line.”

“I am happy for the team and the team’s sponsors to have the results we’ve achieved today. I am really looking forward to the next race in Monza now.”

Results Supersport Race:

2 J. REA  

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Jay | 28 April 2008, 14:23
Oh my god, if that wasn't the most amazing supersport race in god knows how many years, then I don't know what was! Johnny Rea rode an absolutely amazing race, pushing so hard and scaring us with his wide sweeping lines! Real shame he didn't win (lost by half a wheel!), but it shows he can run at the front! A Brit at the front, incredible!

Craig Jones like a bat out of hell! Superb effort, but how did he lose all those positions in the last couple of laps?
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