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Acumen Platinum Duo Smart Charger

By: Tasha Crook | Published 14 December 2006, 16:13 | Views: 1,578 | tags: products, maintnance, acumen, chargers
The new Platinum Duo from Acumen solves the problem of battery maintenance for anyone lucky enough to have two bikes in their garage, because it is capable of monitoring and charging two batteries simultaneously. Like the original Platinum, this microprocessor-based unit tests, charges, maintains and recovers batteries automatically and is housed in a splash proof, attractive and robust extruded aluminium casing. However inside are dual independent charging circuits that enable the Platinum Duo to charge and maintain two batteries of different capacities, in separate machines or vehicles, at the same time. Better still, it only requires a single power socket for operation.
On the front of the casing are simple-to-interpret indicator lights, which warn of incorrect polarity and advise of battery condition and charging status.

The Platinum Duo comes packed in a durable steel presentation case complete with all the ‘bells and whistles’ for installation and operation.

* Two waterproof eyelet leads with waterproof fuses, for permanent connection to batteries. * Two x crocodile leads for temporary connections to batteries. * Two x 3-metre extension leads. * UK and European mains leads. * Wall bracket with fixings.

The Acumen Platinum Duo is also suitable for jet-skis, ride-on mowers, etc and sells for £74.99 inc. VAT.

To find out more about Acumen Electronics you can call 01264 359922 or check out their site at
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