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Third For Humangest Honda's Andrea Dovizioso

A somewhat processional 250cc race was won by Jorge Lorenzo with Alex de Angelis second (both Aprilia) and current series points leader Andrea Dovizioso (Humangest Racing Honda RS250RW) third. This is Lorenzo’s fourth pole to flag win of the season so far.
Lorenzo peeled into turn one across the rest of the field’s noses from the far right of the track from the lights. It was clear he was in no mood to bother himself fighting when he had the speed to run clear right from the off. Even by the end of lap one he had a 1.6 second advantage over second-placed de Angelis.

Most of the action revolved around a five-bike first lap crash, which claimed Martin Cardenas (Repsol Honda RS250RW) among others and seriously affected the chances of both Yuki Takahashi (Humangest Racing Honda RS250RW) and Shuhei Aoyama (Repsol Honda RS250RW). Both riders were forced off track trying to avoid the carnage.

By lap three Lorenzo, de Angelis and Dovi were 3.2 seconds ahead of Roberto Locatelli (Aprilia) in fourth and the order at the front would remain the same until the flag 21-laps later. Fourth place would become the domain of Alex Debon (Aprilia) on lap 15 and the gap between the podium three and Debon would be 23.63 seconds at the finish.

Not even when de Angelis and Dovi tangled with a backmarker did the race order change – plainly nothing was going to make this a race to remember for anything other than its tedious nature. Although Lorenzo was delighted with his win, fans could only just muster a feint round of applause after this somewhat lacklustre contest.

But the World Championship is very much alive. The points standings show Dovi leading with 149 points from Lorenzo second on 133 and then Yuki Takahashi (Humangest Racing Honda RS250RW), who finished sixth here today, in third with 99 points.

Dovi said, “I’m not very happy about today even though I took another podium. I wanted to stay behind de Angelis on the last lap because with his speed if I overtook him he could pass me easily on the last part of the track. I thought about the last turn – but I was too far away. Anyway it’s Donington Park next week which is a good track for the Honda.”

“It’s a shame I lost time in the first lap collision,” said Takahashi, in sixth. “I touched with de Angelis and Aoyama hit my brake lever. I came back in 14th position and found a good rhythm, but the gap to the leading riders was too big.”

Andrea Dovizioso, Humangest Honda: 3rd

“I'm not very happy about today even though I took another podium. I knew I was less competitive than Lorenzo here but not with this kind of difference. He did a good job, congratulation to him. I hoped to beat at least De Angelis on the last lap but my best lap wasn't enough. Here the setting of the bike wasnt perfect and I was loosing in acceleration compare to Aprilia. I wanted to stay behind De Angelis on the last lap because with his speed if I overtook him he could pass me easily in the last part of the track. So, I thought to try on the last turn, but I was too far. Anyway, the third place is fine for the championship and next week there is Donington Park, which is a good circuit for Honda.

Yuki Takahashi, Humangest Honda: 6th

"Its a shame I lost time in the collision at the first lap. I touched with De Angelis and Aoyama hit my brake lever. I went wide in order to avoid Guintoli, who was involved in the incident as well. I came back on track in 14th position and made a good rhythm, but the gap with the top riders was too big. The positive think is that I took sixth place at the photo-finish with Simoncelli and for the championship this is good."

Shuhei Aoyama, Repsol Honda: 12th

"What a lost chance. I made a good start but a rider touched me from behind on the first lap, he touched the left side of my bike and forced me off the track. Then, when I had managed to rejoin the race, another rider crashed right in front of me and I had to get off the track again. And during the touching and crashing the leading group had escaped and I was in a back position after the first laps. I only had the option to try to make up positions and that's what I've been doing throughout the race. I hope to be luckier in England next weekend. Assen is already forgotten."

Arturo Tizon, Wurth Honda BQR: 14th

"My start was good today and I made up for my low grid position. I was just behind the fast group and could follow them for a few laps but then I made a mistake at the chicane and lost a lot of ground. When I regained my rhythm I rode out the race and managed to beat my team mate (Aleix Espargaro) on the last lap."

Aleix Espargaro, Wurth Honda BQR: 15th

"I started very good but some of the fast riders came passed me in the first couple of laps. I tried to race at my own rhythm but this is my first 250cc race and my first with so much fuel in the tank and I found it difficult. In the middle part of the race I pushed really hard and was enjoying the race. Arturo (Tizon) passed me on the last lap but I still got a point. I'm very happy. I just wanted to finish the race. I really like racing this bike. The big difference is the 250 slides a lot more and I have to be confident and ride the bike hard while its sliding. "

Fabrizio Perren, Stop and Go Racing: 16th

"From the start I was racing with a good group and at the beginning felt comfortable for about 10 – 12 laps. Then they started to pull away. My bike was good today and I was confident so I pushed hard and caught them again. But as the race went on I started to tire a little and had to let them go."

Martin Cardenas, Repsol Honda: dnf - crash

"I made a good start, but in the fourth corner, a very narrow corner there was some confusion in front of me so I reduced speed and entered the corner to slow. I touched the clutch and crashed over the bike without touching any other rider. It was a good start but unfortunately it didn't last long. Now we'll see if I can be operated from the injury to recover as quickly as possible. I hope to be able to come back in England."

Arnaud Vincent, Molenaar Honda: Did not race.

MotoGP 250cc Round 08 Netherlands Grand Prix at Assen:

1 Jorge Lorenzo / Fortuna Aprilia 2 Alex De Angelis / Master - MVA Aspar Team 3 Andrea Dovizioso / Humangest Racing Team 4 Alex Debon / Fortuna Aprilia 5 Roberto Locatelli / Team Toth 6 Yuki Takahashi / Humangest Racing Team 7 Marco Simoncelli / Squadra Corse Metis Gilera 8 Anthony West / Kiefer - Bos - Racing 9 Hiroshi Aoyama / Red Bull KTM GP 250 10 Manuel Poggiali / Red Bull KTM GP 250 11 AleX baldolini / mATTEONI rACING 12 sHUHEI aoyama / rEPSOL hONDA 13 fRANCO battaini / Campetella Racing 14 Arturo Tizon / Wurth Honda BQR 15 Aleix Espargaro / Wurth Honda BQR

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