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BMW Motorrad Expands Rider Equipment Collection For 2008

BMW Motorrad has announced a number of new additions to its already comprehensive Rider Equipment collection. Characterised by innovative and singular textile and leather technology, the unique modern styling and quality of the clothing has earned BMW an international reputation as a ‘designer label’. The new products will enhance that status.
Outside of motorcycling, various Rider Equipment garments are worn as urban leisurewear by young city professionals, while those pursuing the ‘outdoor life’ in rural communities value the weatherproofing properties of BMW’s more serious equipment.
In the arena of extreme sports, participants in activities like snow boarding, skiing, karting and hiking increasingly trust the durability and protection of BMW Rider Equipment.

The full specification of all new products can be found in the 2008 Rider Equipment catalogue due to be launched in January 2008 but, in the meantime, here is a brief overview.

The new Sport Collection provides everything the dedicated sports rider might possibly demand. For example, the Sport Full-Face Helmet is particularly light and quiet, and the new Sport Leather Suit guarantees maximum safety. Both will catch the eye with their stylish and dynamic design. A third item, the versatile Sport Boots, offer professional protection and comfort on and off the race track.

With the fabric Tourance 2 Suit, BMW Motorrad has managed to improve on one of its best products – especially in the areas of climate suitability and wear comfort.

Another top-of-the-range garment is the Atlantis 4 Leather Suit. Its predecessor had already found favour with demanding touring riders because of the all-weather concept and performance, but the Atlantis 4 takes this practicality one stage further.

The Club 2 Ladies Jacket is the perfect sport and leisure motorcycle jacket for women riders, or passengers. Its natural partner is the jeans-styled Denim City Trousers (also suitable for men) that combine casual style with superb comfort and excellent safety features. Fashionable Sneaker 3 Short Boots can be added for city use.

The newly crafted ProSport 2 Gloves provide excellent grip and improved protection (compared with its predecessor) even on hot days. This is achieved by a new rigid shell. In more extreme weather the ProWinter 2 Gloves will keep the hands warm and dry on the coldest of winter days. The completely new design ensures even better comfort.

Finally, a wide selection of modern and other useful sporting accessories complete the 2008 range of new BMW Motorrad products.

Dave Alexander Parts and Accessories Manager for BMW Motorrad
“The design of our Rider Equipment revolves around our continual effort to promote cutting edge safety and comfort for motorcyclists. BMW Motorrad prides themselves on the innovative design and flawless quality of their Rider Equipment, and we are very excited about the release of this year’s new range.”
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