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RR1 Cockpit Fairing

By: Tasha Crook | Published 24 April 2007, 16:25 | Views: 3,010 | tags: products, skidmarx, bodywork, mv agusta, brutale
British bodywork specialists Skidmarx have developed a neat cockpit fairing for the MV Agusta Brutale that will help to deflect windblast, improving rider comfort at speed and over long journeys. Its compact design and sculpted form mean that it will not detract from the machine’s overall appearance. The RR1 Cockpit Fairing is designed for motorcycles with a single round headlight and is fitted with a ‘mini bubble’ screen that is manufactured from 3mm acrylic and based on the company’s race-proven products that are the choice of many top British Superbike teams. It is supplied with tailored fittings and simple to follow instructions.
Skidmarx are constantly adding to their range of applications and even offer a free factory fitting service for owners of machines not currently listed, at their factory in the popular seaside resort of Weymouth.

Two versions of the RR1 fairing are produced; one in glass fibre (GRP) and one in carbon fibre. The GRP model is available in a range of colours, including white, black, light green, blue and red. The carbon fibre fairing is ultra lightweight and produced in a natural finish.

The Skidmarx RR1 screen sells £95 in black GRP and £249.95 in carbon.

Skidmarx also produce the RR2 model for owners of twin headlight machines, like the Triumph Speed Triple 1050, and this retails for the same price.

TO find out more please call Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit their site at
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