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Steady 6th And 8th For Honda

Local man Alvaro Bautista won a typically fraught 125cc race from his Aprilia team-mates Hector Faubel and Sergio Gadea, making it an all-Spanish podium. The fourth member of the team, Italian Mattia Pasini was fourth. Bautista started from pole, but was headed into turn one on the opening lap by Pablo Nieto (Aprilia). Thomas Luthi (Elit Grand Prix Honda RS125R), who started from 10th on the grid, had hoisted himself to second by lap two and the Swiss World Champion looked as if he had the speed to stick with the leader.
As early as the fourth lap a nine-rider group had broken away from the pack, but by mid-race that group had been whittled down to just six men: Bautista, Pasini, Lukas Pesek (Derbi) Hector Faubel, Sergio Gadea and Luthi. Fabrizio Lai (Seedorf Racing Honda RS125R) had been in the group but was now off the pace and finished tenth.

As the final laps unfolded Bautista upped the lap times to a level where only his team-mates could remotely cope with the increase in speed. This is his third win of the season so far and he leads the World Championship with 144 points to Mika Kallio’s 88 – the KTM rider only completed two laps of the race. Luthi, who finished sixth, lies seventh with 54 points.

Thomas Luthi, Elit Honda: 6th.

“My start was so-so but I had a great first corner and passed a few riders on the outside. I got with the fast group and was comfortable. Acceleration was good but I was a little down on top speed but I was confident I could get a podium. But with three laps to go I had some big slides on the two fast right hand corners. I knew then I could not win so I took as many points as possible from the race.”

Gabor Talmacsi, Humangest Honda: 8th.

“We are improving but I need a bit more of acceleration as today I couldn't pass Nieto. I tried every strategy but I was slower even behind him and so I lost time and couldn't stay with the front group. We are not so far away, but we have to make another step forward in order to fight for the top positions".

Sandro Cortese, Elit Honda: 19th.

“I was behind the first big crash and lost time. Then I got into a race with De Meglio. Our bikes were pretty equal and we were running the same speed I would get passed him on the brakes and he would pass me out of the slipstream. My bike was very good today and the result could have been better but for that crash.”

Fabrizio Lai, Seedorf Racing World: 10th.

"As usual I started very well recovering some positions. I tried to keep the pace of the leaders but my Honda wasn’t fast as the other bikes. I think that Luthi’s Honda is faster and has something more than mine. However I have a good feeling with my team and we are working in the right direction to reach good results in the next races".

Bradley Smith, Repsol Honda: 16th.

"I'm happy in a sense, I did a good race but I'm not happy for missing out on the points. I had a good start and did a good first lap, and I learned a lot from the first lap. I realised how hard you've got to push; the limit that you got to beat, and that if you're in the top group it's much easier than when your fighting with people that aren't as fast so I'm happy in that way but disappointed because I didn't get any points."

Mike Di Meglio, FFM Honda: 18th.

"I did not have a good race. My start was not so bad but I had no feeling with the bike and was not confident. I could not catch the second group and could not get a better result."

Lorenzo Baroni, Humangest Honda: 25th.

"Today I was unlucky as I knew I could do well here. I made a strong start, recover many positions and in the first lap I was almost in 15th place. Then, though, two riders in front of me collided and I went wide in order to avoid them. So, I lost many positions and couldn't recover so much. Anyway it has been quite positive today as we made a big step forward in the chassis set-up".

Joey Litjens, Molenaar Honda: 29th.

“It was again Grotzky who got in my way and ruined my race. He hit me last week and did it again today. I was of the track and lost a lot of time and its difficult to make up time round here when you are racing alone. The next race is Assen so I hope for better things..”

Michele Conti, Seedorf Racing World: dnf

"I started in the back and it was impossibile for me avoid the big group of riders in the first corner. Someone hit against me and I ran onto the grass losing imprtant seconds. When I rejoned the race my painful right knee didn’t permitted me to ride well and I preferred to entered in the pit lane".

Aleix Espargaro, Wurth Honda BQR: dnf – clutch problem.

“This morning in the warm up the things began to get better for me I felt I would ride well today the engine had a very good feeling. I was OK in the beginning of the race but after about eight laps the clutch broke and I had to stop. It’s a shame because the team and mechanics have worked so hard. When we get to Assen w have to keep working on the line we found in the warm up today.”

Tito Rabat, Wurth Honda BQR: dnf- crash.

“I had a crash on the first lap ad was out of the race. I was on the outside of Terol and we clashed. I was on the gas when we hit so I lost the rear end when the wheel hit the grass.”

MotoGP Round 07 Catalunya Grand Prix at Montmelo:

1 Alvaro BAUTISTA / Master - MVA Aspar Team 2 Hector FAUBEL / Master - MVA Aspar Team 3 Sergio GADEA / Master - MVA Aspar Team 4 Mattia PASINI / Master - MVA Aspar Team 5 Lukas PESEK / Derbi Racing 6 Thomas LUTHI / Elit - Caffe Latte 7 Pablo NIETO / Multimedia Racing 8 Gabor TALMACSI / Humangest Racing Team 9 Joan OLIVE / SSM Racing 10 Fabrizio LAI / Valsir Seedorf Racing 11 Nicolas TEROL / Derbi Racing 12 Raffaele DE ROSA / Multimedia Racing 13 Pol ESPARGARO / Team RACC Derbi 14 Manuel HERNANDEZ / Nocable Angaia Racing 15 Lorenzo ZANETTI / Skilled I.S.P.A. Racing Team

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