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Valentino's #thisisforSIC58 Suit Auctioned For €24,001

By: | Published 25 June 2014, 21:28 | Views: 10,675 | tags: dainese, suit, leathers, racing, motorcycles, marco simoncelli, 58.#thisisforsic58, valentino rossi, vale, 46, motogp, auction, ebay, hashtag
Today the eBay auction closed on the leather suit Valentino Rossi wore during the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello, in memory of his friend Marco Simoncelli.

Dainese created and promoted the hashtag #thisisforSIC58 on its redesigned website,, as well as its own social media networks, customising the back of Rossi's leather suit with the same hashtag. 

The auction started on 18 June opening with a minimum bid of  €1. The auction drew great interest all over the world, both in terms of media coverage and competition among potential bidders. Over the week a total of 123 bids were made, with the auction coming to a close at an incredible sum of €24,001. 

Proceeds from the auction will be given to the Simoncelli Foundation for the Santa Marta project, a day care centre for the disabled that is being built near Coriano, Marco's birthplace.

The suit, signed by Rossi, will be presented to the lucky winner inside a special display case between 30 June and 1 July.

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