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183 Days Riding in Europe? MCE’s Got You Covered.

By: | Published 12 April 2014, 09:40 | Views: 4,205 | tags: mce, insurance, cover, european, travel, motorcycle, product, legal, 2014, trips, adventures, riding, exploring
Europe. Due to this fact MCE has bucked industry norms, ripped up the rule book and placed a whopping 183 days European cover on all its policies.


The 183 days cover will provide budding adventurers with all the necessary requirements to ride on the road in EU member countries; granting them the freedom to get lost without having to worry about the cover running out, other insurers tend to limit to a mere 30 days. The cover will match what is provided by the policy in the UK so that’s 183 days abroad on your UKpolicy. MCE will also cover your bike whilst in transit such as on a boat or in the tunnel.


MCE’s Group Chief Executive Julian Edwards commented, “Here at MCE we take feedback from customers very seriously and a large number had asked for more days European cover on their policies. Taking this feedback in mind we’ve topped up the number of days cover to 183, giving customers the freedom to explore the continent safe in the knowledge that they and their bike are covered.”


If you’re interested in a policy with 183 days European cover from the title sponsors of the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship, why not get a quote today by calling 0844 338 68 16 or visiting

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