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DryPacks By Kappa - Keep Your Schnizz Dry In The Rain

By: | Published 05 November 2013, 10:32 | Views: 6,768 | tags: kappa, luggage, accessories, motorcycles, storage, soft, tarpaulin, roll top, rucksacks, panniers, tote bags, gear, packs, 2013
The DryPack collection by Kappa is a range of modern-looking bags made of Tarpaulin, a coated polyester that restrains water leaking. The italian firm has sealed these bags with high frecuency (Seamless Technology), providing them with extra impermeability.

WA401 30-litre tail bag

This solid tail roller is 100% waterproof and has a great volume capacity. Its cylindrical shape is perfect for small and medium size daily essentials. Its mounting system consists of universal elastic straps which are easily attached to the bike. The bag includes a shoulder strap for better transportation. The WA401 tail bag has a price of £36.71.


WA402 30-litre rucksack

For those who need to carry their necessaries on all types of situations while keeping them dry and protected from the rain, the 100% waterproof WA402 is the perfect solution. This rucksack is “welded” to a solid shoulder strap, a removable rear padding to protect lower back and a waist buckle which makes the bag extremely comfortable to wear on all kinds of environments. The closing system is of the “roll-top” type. This exclusive rucksack is sold at a price of £46.09.


WA403 20-litre tank bag

Kappa has created a tank bag for the riders who need to carry their belongings on the bike during rainy days. The WA403 is a waterproof bag made of Tarpaulin, that can be fixed with magnets (it is compatible with the TKB00 Tanky base) or elastic straps, which makes it universal and suitable for all the bikes in the market. The bag has great features sucks as a removable waterproof map holder, “roll-top” closing system and a safety belt to be mounted on the steering wheel. The WA403 can be converted into a backpack by means of the belts included.  The price of the WA403 tank bag is £64.45.


WA404 50-litre tail bag

The biggest member of the Kappa Drypack family is a tail roller that can be also used on the rack (if it has enough space). Its 50 litres of capacity are more than enough to carry all you need on a rainy ride. This bag is secured to the back seat of motorcycles, scooters, quads or maxiscooters with universal elastic straps, but can be also turned into a multi-purpose bag for any activities in which the bag can get in touch with water. The waterproof WA404 includes comfortable handles and a shoulder strap. Its closing system is of the “roll-top” kind. This huge bag is commercialized at a price of £44.87.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle or call 01327 706980.

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oldguy | 07 November 2013, 20:28
If you just want a dry pack to go on a carrier with a couple of bungies, you would do a better to go to a canoe shop and get something designed for total immersion for about half the price. Might not be quite so stylish but just as good.

Having said that, the rucksack and tail pack look pretty good and a lot cheaper than "some other makes."

NinjaJunkie | 05 January 2014, 18:07
I use supermarket carrier bags for waterproofing

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