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Aluminium Luggage For Your Adventure Journeys

By: | Published 06 August 2013, 10:15 | Views: 4,656 | tags: givi, luggage, motorcycle, touring, adventure, bmw, ktm, panniers, aluminium, storage, enduro, trekker, outback, triumph, yamaha, honda, suzuki
GIVI launches its exclusive Trekker outback cases for the trail/enduro motorcyclists

The Italian brand, in its constant effort towards innovation in its products, goes one step beyond to satisfy the needs of all the motorcyclists. GIVI reveals one of the highest news of the season: its Trekker Outback line: side top cases created for the trail and maxi-enduro motorcyclists. These cases stand out for their rigidity, strength and functionality, as well as an elegant and stylish design.

They are fabricated in 1.5mm thick aluminium sheet, with polymer reinforcing trims and inserts. These materials give the cases an incomparable strength, as well as an absolute resistance against harsh weather conditions and total impermeability. Thus, the Trekker Outback cases are the most suitable luggage for difficult routes and extreme journeys. Either through mountains, the desert or the sheerest landscapes, these cases will keep your belongings safe and dry.Aluminium cases have become one of the most demanded products by the adventure and enduro motorcyclists. The new Trekker Outback series by GIVI combine the most advanced technology with the highest quality materials in the market, offering the highest safety, stability and reliability.

The transalpine brand has developed two sizes for these cases: the smallest version has a capacity of 37 litres, enough to allow storage of an integral helmet; the biggest one, with 48 litres of volume, is perfect to carry big luggage on board. These cases can be equipped individually or as a pair, and are fixed on the sides of the motorcycle, becoming an extra solution for carrying luggage on the bike. In addition to this, its squared shape makes its space entirely usable in its whole volume.

The Monokey-Cam Side® system can be matched to these following motorbikes (range will be extended soon):
The Trekker Outback series stands above the competition due to a key point: its simplicity and ease of use, and it is here where GIVI makes the difference. These cases incorporate the sophisticated
 Monokey-Cam Side® locking system (patented by GIVI) which allows fast, safe and strike-proof lock for the most demanding outings. The opening/locking and fixing of the cases work by means of one sole key. On top of this, these cases allow partial opening as a hinge: an advantage that permits a rapid access to the inside of the case.

Honda Crosstourer 1200 (12-13) - PLR1110CAM
Kawasaki Versys 650 (10-13) - PL4103CAM
KTM Adventure 950/990 (03-13) - PL7700CAM
KTM 1190 Adventure / KTM 1190 Adventure R (13) - PL7703CAM
Suzuki DL650 V-Strom L2 / L3 (11-13) - PL3101CAM
Triumph Tiger 800 / Tiger 800 XC (11-13) - PL6401CAM
Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 (12-13) - PL6403CAM
Yamaha XT660Z Tenerè (08-13) - PL2105CAM
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenerè (10-13) - PL2101CAM

For all these reasons, GIVI’s Trekker Outback is the perfect accessory for those motorcyclists with an adventurer spirit, and in pursue of new conquests and destinations on two wheels. Its aluminium finish embellishes the look of the motorcycle, bringing an elegant and passionate look to the bike. All of this added to an unbeatable quality/price ratio: the 37-litre cases have a price of £292,99 each (VAT included) and the 48-litre ones have a price of £305,00 each (VAT included).

GIVI offers a huge range of optional accessories to supplement the Trekker Outback cases, such as the XS310 expandable cargo-bag, the E143 additional padded handles, the E144 elastic carrying net, the T499 inner bag, the E146 protective adhesive rubbers, or the E145 reflective serigraphic stickers.

For more information about this or any other products by GIVI visit or call 01327 706220

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