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Join CSS At Rockingham For Track Day With A Difference

By: | Published 11 June 2013, 21:33 | Views: 2,081 | tags: rockingham, california superbike school, css, track days, instruction, learning, skills, improvements, treats, training, race school
25th June.

Open to both new and existing customers alike, the event will run in a traditional track day format, but with the additional attraction of fully-qualified California Superbike School coaches on track to offer advice and assist during the five track sessions throughout the day.

There will also be opportunities for people who haven’t experienced the California Superbike School before to enjoy taster sessions, where they can learn how a school day runs and gain better understanding of what to expect.

"This is the ideal event for people who want to see how the school works and will also appeal to our students who'd like the chance to try out the skills they've learned in a track day environment with coaches on hand." says CSS manager Richard Browne.

Former students can take a refresher session during the day, when they can practise their drills with some coaching available, which will be appropriate to the level they have currently achieved at the school.

The price for this full-day event is £149 and details of how to book can be found on the Booking Page at or call 08700 671 061. 

NB All bikes will be subject to a noise test before going on track (98dB maximum).

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