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UK Teams Get Good Qualifying Results At Bol d'Or 2013

Both the famous Honda Legends and the new Splitlath Redmond endurance teams posted great qualifying results in today's sessions at Magny-Cours.

This weekend the famous yet oddly secret Bol d'Or 24 hour race kicks off the 2013 FIM World Endurance Championships at the French circuit of Magny-Cours. 

Starting tomorrow the riders will race non-stop, barring routine pit-stops, for 24 hours before seeing the chequered flag on Sunday the 21st.

A massive feat of stamina, reliability and exertion for all concerned. John McGuiness leads the charge for the Honda Legends team, yes they off the tellybox, under the watchful eye of likeable and vastly experienced Glen Richards - newly brought in as the team boss for this year. They start from 12th on the grid after an average qualifying time some 3.5 seconds off the pole time. 

Along the pit lane, where likely a lot of drinking songs are being sung, is the garage of the reborn Splitlath Redmond team. Yes that lot from BSB who went through riders and bike parts more regularly than some staff members here change their smalls. 

Well it seems that a change of scene and a change of livery, bike, personnel and pretty much everything else has paid off. The SUPERSTOCK Kawasaki ZX-10r of the Splitlath Redmond team starts from 7th on the grid which is 2nd in class, some 3 seconds off the pole pace. 

So the less highly tuned ZX-10R starts ahead of the full-fat Fireblade? Sounds like it's gonna be one helluva bun-fight. 

You can watch it on Motors TV, well most of it with some tedious car racing nonsense interspersed, pretty much from start to finish. 

Can the age and experience of the Honda lads turn it around on the youthful vigour of the much younger Splitlath Redmond team? Don't make too many plans this weekend.

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Carole | 20 April 2013, 10:23
Good luck to Manx man Conor Cummins and the rest of the team - Maco racing - at Magny-Cours today.
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