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New Tom Tom Rider Launched With Personalised Routing

By: | Published 17 February 2013, 12:30 | Views: 4,479 | tags: tom tom, rider, satnav, satellite navigation, gps, routes, motorcycles, mounted, biking, accessories, new features, 2013, release, personal routes
Following feedback from the motorcyclist community, TomTom Rider has been designed to give bikers the ability to choose the type of route they want to ride: from the fastest; to the most scenic; to their own personalised route.

Bikers can easily create and then upload their personalised routes direct to their TomTom Rider device.  By downloading Tyre® interactive software, bikers can search, create and edit their own routes on a PC.  Alternatively, a unique ‘Upload Routes and Go’ feature enables bikers to upload routes directly to their device and share them with other bikers via Bluetooth®.

In addition, TomTom Rider includes a feature that feeds audio instructions directly to the user’s helmet via Bluetooth®, meaning riders can fully concentrate on the road ahead.  The device also includes the introduction of a new 4.3’’ glove-friendly screen, which responds instantly to touch and is designed for riding in any weather conditions, including rain or bright sunlight.  The device also comes with a new charging bike dock that turns it on or off with the ignition of the bike.

More info from here:

“With TomTom Rider, bikers can not only choose where to go, but more importantly how they want to get there,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom Consumer.

”We listened to feedback from motorbike communities to create a device that was customised for the way they want to ride. We found that the overwhelming majority of bikers use their motorcycle for recreational purposes and many actively seek out routes that offer fantastic scenic touring experiences. TomTom Rider gives bikers the ability to find and ride the best scenic routes in the world.”

TomTom Rider Key Features:

Winding Roads: TomTom’s Winding Roads feature allows bikers to select routes with the most bends for a more exciting ride.

Upload Routes and Go: TomTom’s Upload Routes and Go feature enables bikers to upload preferred routes captured online to the TomTom Rider device. These routes can be shared with other riders via Bluetooth®.

PC Route Management via Tyre®: Users can download Tyre® interactive software to search, create and edit routes on a PC before uploading them to the TomTom Rider device. These can then be shared with friends.

All-Weather Device: TomTom Rider has a glove-friendly screen that responds instantly to touch. It is designed for any weather conditions, including bright direct sunlight.

Free Lifetime Maps: TomTom Rider includes free Lifetime Maps. For the life of the product, users can download four or more full updates of the map on the device every year, which include all updates to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.

Map Share: Users benefit from free Daily Map Changes from the TomTom Map Share community, which includes dynamic changes such as new speed limits and blocked roads. Map Share helps overcome the more frequent road changes and so avoid delays or detours.

Points of Interest: Via TomTom Rider, users can access the Points of Interest feature to find interesting places to stop en-route, such as restaurants, motels and fuel stations. Personalised Points of Interest can also be added, for future reference.

IQ Routes: TomTom’s IQ Routes uses real travel times for each and every road shared by millions of bikers, therefore providing the optimum route and arrival time.


A range of optional accessories are available for the TomTom Rider personal navigation device, including a car mounting kit; charging bike dock; and a unique anti-theft solution.

Pricing and Availability:

The TomTom Rider is available from:

RRP is £329.99 for the TomTom Rider EU which comes pre-loaded with maps of 45 countries in Europe. 

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me_groovy | 17 February 2013, 15:40
the sharing across devices has been a long time in coming

CurlyAlly | 21 February 2013, 21:15
Really tempted to get one of these - souds like they've listed to what we want - any opinions on it versus the Garmin equivalent?

me_groovy | 22 February 2013, 00:14
think you need to speak with Joby, he's always been the LB expert on sat navs

OrangeSpoon | 18 March 2013, 14:28
i have a Garmin Zumo 220 and used it in the Alps and around UK, i dont like the interface at all but it once everything is dialled-in it works a treat. the power is via mini-usb and the connector is crap quality and charging directly connected to my bike was on/off at every bump

much prefer TomTom but my only experience of TomTom is in car sat navs so would be interested in this new model

shame haven't got the cash
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