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R&G Release Protective Range For 2013's ZX-6R 636 And Street Triple

By: | Published 21 January 2013, 16:25 | Views: 4,387 | tags: kawasaki, triumph, r&g, products, accessories, protection, crash, mushrooms, bobbins, engine casings, bar ends, forks, tail tidy, zx-6r, 636, street triple, 2013 models
R&G has released a comprehensive range of damage protection products and styling bolt-ons for the new 2013 Triumph Street Triple and Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 Ninja.

The world leader in motorcycle crash protection has acted quickly to get what will arguably be two of the most popular bikes for 2013 into its prototyping facility. The result is 36 separate products to offer riders the peace-of-mind protection that R&G has been offering for 14 years and products to tweak the styling of these sporty middleweight machines.

The extensive list of protection leads with the heavy duty Engine Case Covers and Carbon Engine Case Sliders, defending the vulnerable sides of the supersport motors and the trusted Aero Crash Protector; fitted to the frame - these are designed to keep as much of the bike off the ground as possible in the event of a fall.

The teardrop-shaped ‘bungs’ are constructed from high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) - developed to wear and not shatter - R&G also utilises a particular grade of steel bolts to help absorb an impact by bending, rather than snapping or twisting their mounting points on the bike.

With the fuel tank being one of the most expensive bodywork items to replace on a bike, R&G offers its strong and light Bar End Sliders that protrude longer than the stock items and work in a similar way to the Aero Crash Protectors.

R&G’s new Carbon Tank Sliders are available for the Kawasaki and Triumph. Developed with the California Superbike School and used by R&G supported teams in British Superbikes, these are a simple-to-fit, stylish shield for the tank edges.

Further protection products available for the bikes include Fork Protectors, Radiator Guards, Downpipe Grilles, Shocktube and the new Carbon Tail Sliders.

On the styling side, the R&G Tail Tidy drastically sharpens the rear of both bikes by eliminating the bulky number/licence plate hanger to put these bikes back to how the designers originally intended.

Contact R&G on +44 1420 89007 or visit or

Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 (2013) range:

  • Aero Crash Protectors £67.99
  • Aero Crash Protectors (Lower) £69.99 
  • Bar End Sliders £25.99
  • Cotton Reels £19.99
  • Cotton Reels (Offset) £49.99
  • Downpipe Grille £TBA
  • Engine Case Cover (left side, generator cover) £66.99
  • Engine Case Cover (right side, clutch cover) £61.49 
  • Engine Case Cover (right side, starter cover) £51.49
  • Engine Case Cover Kit £159.99
  • Exhaust Hanger £45.99
  • Rear Footrest Blanking Plate £25.99
  • Exhaust Hanger Kit £66.49
  • Exhaust Protector £44.99
  • Frame Plug (LHS) £13.99
  • Frame Plug (RHS) £16.99
  • Fork Protectors £30.99 
  • Tail Tidy £66.99
  • Mirror Blanking Plates £29.99
  • Radiator Guard £59.99
  • ShockTube £25.49
  • Carbon Tail Sliders £69.99
  • Carbon Tank Sliders £69.99
  • Toe Chain Guard £35.99 

Triumph Street Triple 675 2013

  • Aero Crash Protectors £134.99
  • Bar End Sliders £25.99
  • Cotton Reels £19.99
  • Cotton Reels (Offset) £49.99
  • Engine Case Slider Carbon (left) £64.99
  • Engine Case Slider (right) £25.99
  • Engine Case Cover (left, generator cover) £66.99
  • Engine Case Cover (right, clutch cover) £66.99
  • Engine Case Cover Kit £119.99
  • Fork Protector £30.99
  • Radiator Guard £49.99
  • ShockTube £25.49 
  • Spindle Sliders £30.99
  • Tail Tidy £89.99
  • Carbon Tank Sliders £69.99 


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me_groovy | 21 January 2013, 21:06
love the tank and body protectors!
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