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London's Ace Cafe Releases Regular Bike Night Dates For 2013

By: | Published 20 December 2012, 10:31 | Views: 5,368 | tags: ace cafe, london, meets, meetings, venues, regular, newbie nights, evenings, motorcycles, 2013, dates
London's Ace Cafe is the capital's prime motorcycle meeting venue with its legendary status, excellent parking and proper grub. Alongside a massive diary of events including bands and rallies the Cafe continues to support the local bike scene 100%.

These dates represent the regular bike meets and what times of each month they happen. 

Regular Club Meets

1st Sunday : Vmax Club Meet

Last Sunday : Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet

1st Monday : LondonBikers “Newbie” Meet


1st MondayGerman Night + Auto Scoots + Londonbikers
2nd Wednesday    Brit Bike Night with Triumph + Royal Enfield OC + WIMA + BMF      
1st ThursdayMod n’ Mini (Classic Scooters)
2nd ThursdayItalian Night
3rd ThursdaySuper Moto + XJR OC + N.A.B.D. + Scooters + MAG
Last ThursdayHarley Night
1st FridayBike Night + Streetfighters
2nd FridayBike Night + Bandits (BOCGB)
3rd FridayBike Night + Rockers n’ Classics
Last FridayBike Night + Performance & Fast Bikes


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hitop | 20 January 2013, 07:06
The Ace is a cool place to meet up and enjoy the company of other bikers and like minded enthusiasts

If you get there for the weekend evenings there is usually a fairly big crowd with a few testing their wheelie skills etc,with the occasional crash , bang , wallop!,lol....So be careful where you park your pride and joy!

The only down side to the place for me is the well over priced food which is restaurant sort of prices,for example 2 teas and two bacon sarnies gave very little change out of a tenner

They have do have a really cool section at the side of the restaurant with a couple of great examples of old british bikes and lots of mementos of your visit for sale

Well worth a visit..Safe journeys
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