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Exclusive Offer for LondonBikers on Custom Hearing Protection!

By: | Published 07 October 2012, 20:13 | Views: 4,376 | tags: hear wave technology, custom, bespoke, ear plugs, communications, safety, accessory, product, london, in-ear, s1
Launched in 2010, Hear Wave Technology developed and now manufactures CE certified custom hearing protection which is hand crafted by our highly skilled technicians. The Hear Wave S1 is ideal for Motorcyclists as it provides hearing protection from wind drag and engine noise whilst connecting the rider to coms and satnav.

Hear Wave Technology’s manufacturing process ensures the product is 100% customised; an impression is taken of the inner ear by one of our fully trained technicians, the customer chooses the colour(s) for the product which is then crafted by hand.  

Hear Wave Technology will be coming down to the Borough Market Meet on the evenings of 10th October and the 7th November. Blackheath Tea Hut dates will be announced very shortly so check back for updates. 

We will be offering members of London Bikers an exclusive 20% offer on the Hear Wave S1.

All you need to do is come along on any of those dates to have your inner ear impressions taken by a Hear Wave technician.

We will then give you an exclusive promotional code to enter when you order the Hear Wave S1 from our website;

Alternatively book an appointment before the 30th November to have your impressions taken at either our Greenwich or Erith office to claim this offer!

To book your appointment please email

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TDJ | 08 October 2012, 06:43
Alternatively go to Ultimate ear protection they are the dogs bolox.

andrew&7 | 20 October 2012, 15:51
Editorial Apology: my previous comment regarding Ultimate Hearing and their attending meetings was incorrect and groundless. I meant to state that they hadn't offered to come along, rather than in any way mislead someone to think they weren't prepared to come.

Mark is correct in that their products are well rated, PJ also rates them too, and remember that there are plenty of choices out there for ear protection.

jonnyp42 | 10 December 2012, 21:04
Couldn't reach them by phone and they didn't reply to my email....

andrew&7 | 11 December 2012, 11:37
Who's that Jonny? Ultimate or Hear Wave?

jonnyp42 | 15 December 2012, 00:17
Hear wave although to be fair they have subsequently been in touch and apologised.
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