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Ben Spies leaves Yamaha!

By: Panagiotis | Published 25 July 2012, 10:18 | Views: 7,253 | tags: ben spies, yamaha, motogp

Ben Spies has made a shock announcement that he will be leaving Yamaha’s factory MotoGP team at the end of the season.

An email from Ben was sent to American website ahead of his home race at Laguna Seca and before an official announcement by Yamaha said:

“I have chosen to leave Yamaha after this season for a litany of reasons. I will explain more when I feel it is appropriate. I’m discussing my situation with my sponsors and they are behind me. There are a few people at Yamaha who I hate to leave. And they know who they are. I wish Yamaha the best. I won’t make any further comments until the offical announcement comes out.”

He also twitted  “I’m extremely happy to push for the rest of the season to my fans and myself next year starts a new chapter. And yes I’m pumped!” “U can say next year will be a bit diff I’d say. excited at all prospects stay tuned”

and then added “I thought I’d be dramatic like all the sites and reporters are haha maybe nothing changes except to be back were we are meant to be!”


“Big things are happening from the horses mouth! not the Internet sites haha. Gonna be fun that’s for sure Ill keep ya updated"

Where Spies will be heading is still a complete mystery, as he hasn’t been tied to any other team during this year’s silly season, and his factory seat has been hotly contested between Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso, but Valentino Rossi may be more than heavily involved in the Texas Terror leaving the team as yesterday’s rumour, had the former World Champion returning to Yamaha and bringing them a mega sponsor (take your choice from the three bandied around, Coca Cola, Marlboro and Monster Energy).

We won’t have to wait long to find out who will be Yamaha’s second rider next season because Thurdays’ pre-event press conference at Laguna Seca will be standing room only and everyone will find out the name of the rider and where Spies is going.


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Toby-1-kenobi | 25 July 2012, 15:55
fAAking Lorenzo land... that *** aggravated Rossi into leaving and now he's done the same to Spies... little lollipop sucking Mama's boy... Believe me, the Spies Rossi combo would have been just awesomeness insurmountabe and wouldn't given that stroppy turd Stoner a good run for his money on his now apparently "unrideable" Repsol... instead we get whingy Stoner, and Lawrence of aLabia with Rossi's career rotting and Spies saying I've had enough of this... Truth be told, I should be making ALL of the decisions in MotoGP including who rides for who, not the riders or the teams, they just screw it all up

OrangeSpoon | 26 July 2012, 13:22
was a bit of a shock this one, he coulda been a contenda!
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