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Safeguard Your Bike Better With Carole Nash's DNA+ Kit Free To Policyholders

By: Andrew Harbron | Published 20 June 2012, 10:55 | Views: 15,399 | tags: carole nash, dna, plus, +, anti theft, deterrent, motorcycles, thefts, stolen, kit, policies, insurance, free, incentives, uk, products, security
Insurance legends Carole Nash have announced that they are being proactive in helping reduce the current tally of 500 bike thefts a week by supplying a DNA+ kit with every policy.

Consistently voted by UK bikers as their most used broker* Carole Nash has stepped up to help combat the surge of motorcycle theft which is having serious consequences the industry by offering their DNA+ kit for free when riders take out a new policy with them. 

What is a DNA+ kit you ask? Well it is a very useful version of the DataTag or Honda's Smartwater concept - a liquid adhesive in which is suspended tiny particles containing a digitally readable code (your DNA code) which is unique to each pack.

You get a small bottle of the solution (applies opaque but dries clear albeit with the tiny flecks visible), a good guide indicating where to apply it, bar code stickers with your unique code on (perhaps stick on the log book or somewhere safe), and some shiny stickers to apply to the bike for a visible deterrent.

We've seen this sort of thing before and they are pretty effective assuming that the police/insurance companies either know about this measure or care to use it in the pursuit of the thieves and the recovery of your bike. This kit's advantage is that it is supplied and 'run' by the insurance company responsible for your bike - it is in their interests to have the bike recovered (as the toe-rags locked up) which means the system should work far better than the alternative systems which aren't actually run by anyone involved in this theft process.

I think this is a great idea and it's fantastic to see someone of Carole Nash's stature being so proactive. Let's hope other insurance companies follow suit and that this scheme starts cutting down the theft rate, which in turn will cut down our premiums.

There's a video about it

And the page on Carole Nash's website is here.

* Ride Power Survey 2009

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