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Dainese Offer 20% Trade-In Against New Gear Purchases

By: | Published 18 June 2012, 10:18 | Views: 6,946 | tags: dainese, trade in, offers, deals, 20%, clothing, accessories, jackets, suits, leathers, textiles, limited time, 2012, motorcycles, italian
Italian giant Dainese is once again running a campaign aimed at those wishing to refresh their dated riding kit, from racetrack enthusiasts to the everyday commuter.
“Start again with renewed safety” is Dainese’s campaign created to encourage the purchase of the latest generation of motorcycle gear, with the newest levels of protection all in-line with current European standards.

The campaign will run from 18 June – 31 August at participating UK Dainese D-Stores and Dainese UK retailers. In order to participate in the initiative potential customers will hand in their old motorcycle garments or helmets – of any brand – and then will receive 20% off the purchase of a new Dainese product of the same item handed in.

To find out more about the promotion or to locate your nearest dealer visit,

UK dealers participating in the campaign:
1. D-Store - Bristol
2. D-Store - Manchester
3. D-Store - Wolverhampton

1. Alpha Motorcycles - Leigh on Sea
2. Bike Stop - Stevenage
3. Bridge Motorcycles - Exeter
4. CJ Ball - Norwich
5. CMC Chesterfield - Chesterfield
6. Crescent Motorcycles
7. DH Autos - Newcastle-Under-Lyme
8. Ducati Glasgow - Glasgow
9. Groombridge Motorcycles - Heathfield
10. Huddersfield Superbikes - Huddersfield
11. Infinity Motorcycles - Clapham, London
12. Infinity Motorcycles - Farnborough
13. Infinity Motorcycles - Great Portland St, London
14. Infinity Motorcycles - Hanger Lane, London
15. Infinity Motorcycles - Holborn
16. Infinity Motorcycles - Southampton
17. Infinity Motorcycles - York
18. Laguna Motorcycles - Maidstone
19. Marshell Motorcycles - Peterborough
20. Metropolis Motorcycles - London
21. Moto Central - Hinckley
22. M&S Motorcycles Ltd - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
23. On Yer Bike - Ayelsbury
24. P&H Motorcycles - Crawley
25. Riders of Bridgewater - Cardiff
26. Rocket Centre - Blackburn

For more info go to here

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Toby-1-kenobi | 18 June 2012, 19:29
Probably one orf the smartest and most positive thinking campaigns I've seen for a long time.
I bet there's a few of us on here in recession times struggling to convince ourselves that shonky kit is up to the job...
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