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Ultimate MX Glove From Knox

By: | Published 07 June 2012, 21:23 | Views: 4,084 | tags: knox, planet, armour, hands, gloves, mx, motorcross, protection, sps, scaphoid, orsa, new, 2012, dual compound, boa
British impact protection specialists Knox have developed the ultimate motocross glove, the first designed to offer protection for the carpal scaphoid, one of the most vulnerable and frequently fractured bones of the wrist.
Usually caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand, with the weight landing on the palm, a fractured scaphoid is painful, notoriously difficult to heal and can put a rider out of action for weeks. Scaphoid fracture is common throughout two-wheel sports – road racing, motocross, cycling and mountain biking alike.

The new Knox ORSA is the first off-road glove in the world to feature scaphoid protection. It’s fitted with Knox’s patented Dual Compound Scaphoid Protection System (DC SPS): two low-friction pads positioned on the palm of each glove are designed to prevent the glove ‘grabbing’ the track surface and helping to stop compression or hyper-extension of the wrist, to protect against scaphoid fracture.

The ORSA also features Knox’s unique Opaque Knuckle Protectors which, unlike other ‘hard shell’ protectors, contain a medical grade, impact-absorbing, honeycomb gel: specifically developed to absorb and spread impact forces away from the wearer’s hand.

Another first for an off-road glove is the Boa Closure System. Already used on motocross boots and knee braces, Knox pioneered Boa for gloves with their revolutionary Handroids for road riders. Boa's simple dial-in-to-fit mechanism uses aircraft grade stainless steel wire to securely close the glove. Quick and easy to operate, it provides regular tightening and is micro-adjustable for a snug and secure fit.

On top of all that there are ultra comfy seamless fingers with wrap-around tips, soft and flexible perforated leather and max stretch vented material construction and double layered material in key areas.

Silicone lever grip pads and a ‘wipe-away’ panel are also included.

The Knox ORSA is available in black, sizes S – XL at an RRP of £64.99. For further info call Knox on 01900 825825 or visit
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oldguy | 08 June 2012, 23:46
Is that available in English?

O.K. I know what the carpal scaphoid is and I know enough to say that a fracture involving the carpel tunnel through the scaphoid will not take "weeks" to heal, more like months and from personal experience I can assure folk that carpal nerve damage can be a real pain in the neck (literally) for years.

It's the PR borrocks acronyms and mysterious words I can't get to grips with. (Sorry. No pun intended.)

Beyond that, they sound like a good thing and well worth a look. And the price is not that bad.
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