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Jorge wasn't apologizing to Dovi, not at all

By: Panagiotis | Published 02 May 2012, 09:19 | Views: 2,435 | tags: motogp, jerez, jorge lorenzo, andrea dovizioso
During the first few laps of the Jerez race it seemed that Jorge Lorenzo apologized for pushing Andrea Dovizioso wide at the Dry Sac, but that isn't what happened. Not at all.

Jorge was seen to throw out his arm but it was later revealed that this was actually  a warning towards the Tech3 riders' aggressiveness.

Lorenzo in an video interview with Sportmediaset said,

“It was a sign to warn him to wait until maybe halfway through the race or at the end before making a pass, especially on the first laps. In theory I’m racing for the championship title and he’s on the same manufacturerer’s bike … so he has to wait a little and not try to pass me at 100%, always at the limit, risking that we could both fall and get zero points. I think you should wait to do it at halfway in the race or at the end rather than risks at the beginning, in MotoGP you have to learn how to take calculated risks … that’s why I signalled Andrea not now. Experience has taught me this.”

Dovizioso also commented ont he warning

“Let’s say we were both wrong, the blame is 50-50, He tried to pass me, but I had a little more margin and let the brakes go. He had room to turn. I think he did it on purpose to touch me and give me a warning, but it wasn’t anything special. “

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