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California Superbike School Goes Continental For 2012

By: | Published 31 March 2012, 10:36 | Views: 2,816 | tags: css, california superbike school, track days, race school, learning, teaching, keith code, tyres, choices, products, continental, contisport attack 2, sportsbikes, motorcycles
California Superbike School has chosen Continental tyres for its fleet of motorcycles for both coaching staff and student hire.

“Because the School is all about cornering, we're very fussy about tyres” says School Director Andy Ibbott. “We felt that the new ContiSportAttack 2, which is designed as a hypersport road tyre, would be perfect for both students and coaches on track.”

Conti’s design engineers developed the new tyre’s profiles and casing constructions to deliver smooth, progressive handling from upright to maximum lean angles and to have greater precision during high speed manoeuvres. Steel belt construction in front and rear tyres delivers exceptional stability at high-speed and when braking hard into and accelerating out of corners. A higher silica content in the new “Black Chili” tread compound makes the ContiSportAttack 2 safer in wet and cold conditions, whilst also improving tyre life. Also featuring Conti’s Continuous Compound Technology (CCT), ContiSportAttack 2 have a more continuous transition feel than some dual compound tyres.

"Great feedback and feeling nicely planted" commented Senior Riding Coach Johnny Haynes, after his first outing on the new rubber.

Continental tyres are available at competitive prices on all school days complete with a free fitting service. California Superbike School will also be fitting the track-focused ContiRaceAttack tyres for use on some of the faster circuits encountered in the calendar.

Full details can be found at or telephone 08700 671 061.

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