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James Ellison On Track In MotoGP 2012 With Knox Armour

By: | Published 31 March 2012, 10:31 | Views: 4,761 | tags: james, ellison, cumbrian, motogp, crt, aprilia, paul bird motorsport, 2012, planet knox, handroid, gloves, vests, track, built in armour, wicking, back protectors, products, racing
James Ellison has chosen British-made Knox armour to protect him during his eagerly-anticipated return to MotoGP™ on an Aprilia CRT this year. The popular Cumbrian is one of only two British riders in MotoGP in 2012 and the sole rider of the UK based Paul Bird Motorsport team.
Knox recommended their new Track vest for James, as it is specifically developed for sports riders. Constructed in the UK using a compression fit Dupont Meryl Lycra, it combines a Level 2-approved back protector (the highest rating) with chest protectors fitted into pockets on the front.

“It feels so good on and I must admit I'm pretty impressed at how non-intrusive it is with my full race kit on” reports James.

Meryl Lycra is also breathable and moisture-wicking, working with raised channels and vents in the back protector to help keep the wearer cool and prevent perspiration build up – important features for anyone racing at the highest level. Plus the back protector can be unzipped and the chest armour removed so that the vest may be washed to keep it fresh.

James has also chosen to wear Knox Handroid gloves, with their unique patented exoskeleton over the fingers and new dual compound scaphoid protectors.

For more info on all the products Jimmy is using, please visit Planet Knox online

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Choprocker | 02 April 2012, 17:25
who took the photo?
just want to know how you get the photo black and white and then the red to stand out?

andrew&7 | 04 April 2012, 11:24
CR - it's a photoshop trick, pretty easy once you know how, like everything I guess. Basically you can duplicate the image in B&W, then use the Eraser tool to erase the B&W layer to reveal the colour original. Like painting over something and then rubbing the paint off in certain areas.

And it comes from the PR company, possibly inhouse from Knox themselves.
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