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How Dorna plans to save MotoGP

By: Panagiotis | Published 28 March 2012, 12:03 | Views: 4,802 | tags: motorcycles, motogp, dorna
During this past weekend Carmelo Ezpeleta put together a proposal to save MotoGP.

Does it need saving? well yes, the CRT teams Dorna is trying to make prototypes more affordable but with the global economy still struggling, sponsors having marketing budgets cut and rising costs there needs to be something more. And this is what is proposed and will be  finalized during the first race in Qatar, with May the deadline.

1. One bike per rider:

As in Moto2, Moto3, British Superbikes and from this year also in World Superbikes, but it would also mean no more flag-to-flag races in case of weather condition changes during the race, while we wait to see which team is faster in changing tyres and carbon brakes to steel ones, and in case of a crash the mechanics would be harried to get their rider back on track as fast as possible.

2. Five engines per season:

Combined with the one bike and a spare one waiting in the one of the trucks, five engines should be enough for the season and would contribute to further money saving, but the engine situation between MotoGP teams and CRTs will probably still remain lopsided and continue to be in favour of the newest arrivals.

3. Price cap on satellite leasing:

This will be up to Yamaha, Honda and Ducati and if they can provide their satellite bikes for €1 to 1.2 million and make CRT bikes less appetizing for teams who want to enter MotoGP. Yamaha has said yes it is possible, but it will depend what the whole packet will include, Ducati has gone on the record to say that it is impossible to keep up the technological standards for that amount, Honda hasn’t really said nay or yay yet, but IRTA’s Herve Poncharal has gone on the record in an interview with French TV show Studio Inside (via website GP Inside) that next year’s contract leases are already being lowered by 50%.

4. Eliminate a mechanic:

One bike, one less mechanic. Even if sounds like they’re advocating putting a mechanic out of work - teams would save on wages, travel and accommodation, even if the mechanics already fly economy (that measure was passed in 2009) and many who work for poorer teams sleep in the back of the trucks, and eliminating a mechanic won’t go down well for some riders like Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner who pride themselves on the essential role that pit crews are for them - they call them their family - and have brought them with them when they switched teams. And in case of a crashed bike we would be back to the harried mechanics who will have more work to do.

5. A lower rev limit:

On this there will be some head butting between the members of the GP Commission, with talk of setting the limit at 15,000 RPM or even lower, which would physically prevent hitting certain top speeds (which was why the 800cc format was introduced) and could allay some of the recent fears that certain riders have of reaching 360km/h at super fast tracks with very long straights and also help put the CRT teams that use production based engines in the same league.

6. A standard spec ECU

This idea will be met with the most resistance by the MSMA - everyone is extremely jealous of their software (and investments in this field) and electronics strategy. Electronics in MotoGP is still a bad word amongst fans - even though we have a simpler version of it on many street bikes.

source twowheelsblog

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Jay | 28 March 2012, 20:32
That makes it all sound pretty boring then doesn't it. I think this makes WSB more exciting. At least they have two races per round and an exciting qualifying arrangement.

Seamaster1 | 07 April 2012, 07:28
I agree, MotoGP is boring, boring, boring! WSB and BSB is where the action is with proper overtaking and regular 'fairing bashing' moments!
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