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Rok Bagoros stunting in Malaysia

By: | Published 28 March 2012, 10:53 | Views: 1,386 | tags: ktm, rok bagoros stunting in malaysia, motorcycles

Press Release:

Rok Bagoros presenting his stunt magic to the Malaysian crowd

'Malaysia you can do it! Were words of RokBagoros, KTM stunt rider, when he completed his last performance at 2012 bikeexpo motorcycle show in Kuala Lumpur.

Indeed, enthusiastic fans did a fantastic job and pulledout last bit of strength from young stuntmen.

‘My hands were hurting like helland body was beaten, but I’ just couldn’t stop. When I thought: man that’senough I can’t do it anymore, people just continued to cheer and with so manypeople wanting more, you really can’t say no! Si I didn’t and all I can say now isthat this was my best show ever and for sure I can’t wait to do it again. KualaLumpur is fantastic city, with great people, food, relax atmosphere. The onlything I couldn’t cope with was the damn heat and humidity. It was quite a bigchange coming from Central Europe, where spring is slowly arriving to fullsummer temperatures of Kuala Lumpur. It also felt fantastic to jump on my KTMDuke 125 and burned some Sava rubbers after short winter break’ , Rok completed his impressions of hisfirst show in 2012.

He is now heading to next stage in his stuntridingcareer, as he will jump on brand new KTM Duke 690 stunt beast that is now infinal stages of preparation at KTM headquarters in Mattighofen.

You can follow Rok schedule and his performances onfacebook or at

Enjoy the latest stuntriding video from Malaysia!

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Rok_Bagoros_Kuala_Lumpur_pwtc_motoexpo_ktm_malaysia_agressive.jpgRok_Bagoros_motoxpo_stunt_show_Rock_frontflip.jpgRok_Bagoros_motoxpo_stunt_show_Rock_signing session_3.jpgRok_bagoros_stoppie_kiss_motoxpo_2012_1.jpgRok_Bagoros_Kuala_Lumpur_pwtc_motoexpo_ktm_malaysia.jpg


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