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Stoner Laps Under 2min On Final Day At Sepang plus Rider Quotes

By: Panagiotis | Published 03 February 2012, 10:15 | Views: 1,536 | tags: honda, yamaha, ducati, sepang, motogp, valentino rossi, casey stoner, jorge lorenzo, ben spies, alvaro bautista, dani pedrosa
Stoner laps under 2min on final day at Sepang
On only his second lap of the day, Casey Stoner recorded a blistering fast lap of 1'59.607 which remained unbeaten for the rest of the day. The Australian rider spent this final day of testing to work on various aspects on his RC213V machine including shock settings and the new Bridgestone tyres.

Repsol Honda team mate Dani Pedrosa took the 3rd fastest lap of the day with 2'00.256. Dani concentrated on braking and also the electronics management system.

This has been a productive first test for the Repsol Honda Team. HRC engineers will now return to Japan with feedback from both riders and the team will return to Sepang for the second test on February 28th.


Casey Stoner : 1st - 1m, 59.607s

"It's been a good test in general. We only managed two out of thethree days, unfortunately, but the weather has been really good to usand we've been able to do what we planned. The day I missed hasn'taffected us too much and we've managed to complete our testingprogramme. To be honest, I think track conditions on the first dayweren't that great anyway, as the lap times were not so fast. I'mstill not feeling great with my back, but the bike is ok, so we'vemade progress in reducing the chatter a little more and trying a fewdifferent things, some small settings on the shock that we haven'ttried before amongst other points. So far it's been pretty positive,we'll just have to wait and see what we have for the next test and hopefully improve a little more. Now I'm looking forward to getting home to Switzerland to see Adriana and await the arrival of our baby!"

Jorge Lorenzo : 2nd - 2.00.198

“I’m really, really satisfied, I have improved on my best record here in Sepang. We tried a lot of things; some have been a lot better, especially one major improvement. We also know where we have to improve in the future. The electronics are not perfect yet, we still need to make it smoother but the bike has so much potential we are very optimistic. The Yamaha engineers have worked really hard so they have done a good job. I made my best time today at midday which is the hardest time with the conditions so it was pretty good. Let’s see what we can do when we come back.” 

Dani Pedrosa : 3rd - 2m, 0.256s

"Three days testing here in Malaysia is very tiring. This morningwhen I woke up I was pretty sore and stiff, but once I got running Iwas a little bit better. Anyway, it's been worth it to do a generaltest of the engine, chassis and tyres and overall it is the biggesttest we have done on this bike and we have good data to analyse andcan start to build up points we need for the second test. As I saidyesterday, the biggest point to improve is on braking, and we arealso working on the electronics to improve the management of thepower and the grip level. The chatter is still there; I know it'ssomething very difficult to fix, but I'm sure Honda is working hardon it. In general, it's been a positive test for us and we will comeback here in three weeks with new ideas. This bike is physically moredemanding, you feel the power in the acceleration, the speed underhard braking and also the extra weight, but it's alright. I will keepworking hard physically to prepare for the second test."

Ben Spies : 4th - 2.00.495

“It’s been a good test, we’ve got a lot of things accomplished, we’re definitely moving in the right direction with my bike. I tried the Yamaha test rider’s bike today which had a slightly different set up to make a fair comparison with mine. I made a small mistake, losing the front but that’s testing; it can happen when you’re working out the good and bad! All in all it’s been great and I’m really happy and looking forward to coming back and seeing what’s new.” 

Valentino Rossi : 5th - 2:00.824

“We on the team are all happy with how this test has gone,especially today. With a 2:00.8, we’re starting to get to a decent time. The two Hondas and the two Yamahas are still ahead of us, but we consider this test to be a starting point. The most positive things we’ve achieved are that the front now lets me ride a little more as I’m able, that the bike reacts well to changes and that we have very clear ideas on what’s still missing. In particular, if we manage to improve the bike’s behaviour on acceleration, we’ll be able to take a consistent step forward. I know that the work has never stopped at Ducati, and now with the information we’ve gathered, they’ll keep working on the areas that we’ve identified. That might take a while, but there’s still some time before the first race. We have to keep improving, so we’re not getting too excited, but I’m pleased with how things have gone so far.”

Cal Crutchlow : 7th - 2.01.108

“I am really pleased with the way things have gone at this test and it has been a really good confidence boost to start 2012. Sepang is a track I just don't get on with or enjoy riding at but I was third on the first day and fifth on the second day. I'm sure I could have been fifth on the final day too but a couple of things didn't go my way. I had a crash early on at Turn 13 when I basically ran wide and got on the dirty part of the track. It was my fault and that cost me a fair bit of track time and when I was confident I could go a lot quicker at the end it started raining. The pleasing aspect is my times have been consistent and that bodes well for the future. I'm not as fast as Stone r, Spies, Pedrosa or Lorenzo but for consistency I'm the best of the rest. The new 1000cc YZR-M1 has kept the strong points of the 800 with good corner entry and turning. But we do need to look at improving the bike on corner exit. Being in the top five on the first two days and not far away on the final day is a great start but I'm not going to get carried away. This is only the first test and while testing is really important, it is what happens in Qatar on April 8 that is really important.”

Andrea Dovizioso : 8th -  2.01.257

“I am really happy just to have been able to come to this test and ride because beforehand a lot of people said it would be impossible. The collarbone was very badly broken but this test is very important and I want to thank everybody that helped me in my recuperation in Italy that made it possib le for me to ride. You can do a lot of good work here even if it is very bad for my body, but I am happy because I could ride on each day and my feeling with the Yamaha is coming much better than the first time I tried the bike in Valencia. I understood much more about this bike here and what I realise is that I have to change my style more. There is a big difference in the characteristic of the Yamaha and the Honda I rode for the last four years, so I have to learn to use the good points of the M1 more. But it was not so easy riding in my physical condition. Braking for the right-hand corners was hard but changing direction was an issue because I don't have 100% strength. I am looking forward to the next test now where I will be a lot closer to being 100% fit.”

Alvaro Bautista : 9th - 2m, 1.384s

"I finished the first test and my evaluation of these three days Ithink is positive. Even today I made another step forward especiallyin the rhythm. We have worked very well and the first contact withthe RC213V has been particularly good. Now, before the next testlater this month ever here at Sepang, I have a little 'time toreflect and think about all the wealth of knowledge acquired in thesethree days. We must put them all in the right place and be ready forthe next three days of testing in Malaysia. I'm happy, satisfied andvery confident for the future. The synergies with the guys and Hondaare wonderful and this will enable us to achieve positive results.Lastly, I have to say that the thing that most impressed me theRC213V is definitely the electronics and its management that allowsyou to drive linearly and progressively ease with the incrediblepower of 1000. "

Nicky Hayden : 10th - 2:01.729

“Obviously, I’d like to have done more. I can’t really say it was a real test for me, but I did a few laps each morning in order to at least get a feel for the new bike, get a little data and understand a couple of things. Even in that limited time, I was able to make small improvements and go quicker each day. Ducati did an amazing job with this bike in a short amount of time. It’s smoother than any other Ducati I’ve ever ridden, it looks slick and it’s good to work on. It’s got good power, and the front end is working well, but with the extra power, now we’ve got to find better rear traction at the first touch of the throttle. With the few adjustments we’ve made, everything seems to be going in a good way, so now I just need to get healthy.”

Stefan Bradl : 11th - 2m, 1.894s

"Considering the three-day overall work I feel quite satisfied aboutmy first performance aboard this new bike. Everyday we made somelittle adjustments to help my riding style and I feel morecomfortable now. We gathered important data for the next test sessionhere at the end of the month and I am sure there's still more tocome. There's a lot of work to do, but in general I had a positivefirst experience. Of course I want to thank Lucio (Cecchinello), theguys and HRC technicians for their support during these three days."

Day 3 Final Times

1. Casey Stoner (AUS) Repsol Honda Team 1'59.607
2. Jorge Lorenzo (SPA) Yamaha Factory Racing 2'00.198
3. Dani Pedrosa (SPA) Repsol Honda Team 2'00.256
4. Ben Spies (USA) Yamaha Factory Racing 2'00.495
5. Valentino Rossi (ITA) Ducati Team 2'00.824
6. Hector Barbera (SPA) Pramac Racing Team 2'00.929
7. Cal Crutchlow (GBR) Yamaha Tech3 2'01.108
8. Andrea Dovizioso (ITA) Yamaha Tech3 2'01.257
9. Alvaro Bautista (SPA) Honda Gresini 2'01.384
10. Nicky Hayden (USA) Ducati Team 2'01.729
11. Stefan Bradl (GER) LCR Honda 2'01.894
12. Karel Abraham (CZE) Cardion AB Motoracing 2'02.218
13. Katsuyuki Nakasuga (JPN) Yamaha Factory Racing 2'02.334
14. Franco Battaini (ITA) Ducati Team 2'03.033
15. Colin Edwards (USA) NGM Mobile Forward Racing 2'04.722
16. Ivan Silva (SPA) Avintia Racing 2'08.225
17. Robertino Pietri (VEN) Avintia Racing 2'09.640
18. Jordi Torres (SPA) Avintia Racing 2'10.184

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