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The Grit And Talent Of Andrea Dovizioso With Sidi Sport

By: | Published 01 February 2012, 10:14 | Views: 2,042 | tags: boots, sidi, motogp, andrea dovizioso, products

Andrea Dovizioso has officially joined the stables of SidiSport champions. The Italian rider recently visited the Sidi headquarters inMaser ( Treviso )before taking off for the Malaysian circuit in Sepang, where he’ll face hisfirst tests on his new official Yamaha supplied by Team Tech3.

It was an occasion to meet Dino and Rosella Signori, as well as othermembers of the Sidi staff who’ll be following him closely on this new adventure,so Dovizioso could familiarize himself with the new Sidi Vortice bootshe’ll be wearing for the 2012 World Championship series.

His career. Dovizioso was born in 1986, in Forlì Romagna , and he’s been proving his talentsince his debut in world motor cycling in the 125 class in 2001 . Race afterrace he’s managed to climb his way up quickly in the rankings, gaining plenty ofexperience and maturity season after season. Then in 2004 things reallystarted to come together when he captured the 125cc World championshipTitle, plus five more victories, five second places, a third place and eightpole positions. The World Title was an important calling card that gained himentry into the 250 class now moto2)in 2005, which immediately confirmed him at the highest levels when he closedout the Worlds in third place in the general standings. Then in 2006 he clinchedtwo more victories, with another two successes in 2007. In 2008 these brilliant resultspropelled him to his big leap to the

MotoGP , the reigning class in world motor cycling. Right from his debut,during his first race in Qatar , he came in fourth placeimmediately on the heels of Valentino Rossi. Itwas a great premiere performance for a rookie who soon turned out to be asurprise on the World circuit, even making it to third place on the podium forthe race in Sepang. In 2009 heclinched his first victory in MotoGP in the Great Britain GP . Thisimportant success was the tenth in his career, which made him one of the fewactive riders on the World circuit to obtain victories in every category heraced in. In 2010 he was firmly established in the top group and in 2011,although he didn’t score any wins, he finished the World series in third placewith seven podiums (second place four times and third place three times).

A New Adventure. For Dovizioso 2012 will be an important year. After a longcareer riding for Honda, he’s starting off on a new adventure with Yamaha, inpursuit of new motivation and excitement so he can return to the top step on thepodium. In his quest for this prize he can count on Vortice boots ,the top of the line in Sidi Sport ’strack collection.

“Thanks to Sidi for the faith they’ve placed in me,” says Andrea Dovizioso. “I hopeto repay this faith soon with some results on the track. 2012 will be animportant season: a new motorcycle and new boots, too. I know about the qualityand technical value of Sidi boots, and now I’m happy to get the chance to wearthem in competition. My first impression is really good, because right awayVortice comes off as a high performance boot that nonetheless doesn’t sacrificesolutions studied to insure safety to the rider’s feet. The first tests of theseason in Sepang will be important to fine tune the bike, but also to put sometouches on my new Vortice boots. Boots are fundamental to a rider because theyare a unifying fulcrum between man and motorcycle.”

Dovizioso’s team mate on Team Tech 3 Yamaha will be Englishman CalCrutchlow , who is another champion from the Sidi ranks. Just one moresource of pride and satisfaction for Sidi, who can now count on a formidablepair of warriors in Vortice boots as they battle for the Moto GP prize.

Welcome to our big Sidi family! “As part of our vocation Sidi has always been close with ourathletes,” explains Rosella Signori . “After a fabulous period spent next to amotorcycle great like Loris Capirossi, now Sidi is proud to announce ourpartnership with another star on two wheels, Andrea Dovizioso, one of the mostoutstanding riders of his generation. For Sidi, Andrea is an importanttestimonial not only for an Italian market, but also on an international stage.Technical skills, guts and a charming smile make Andrea one of the best knownand admired faces in the world of motorcycling. With 51 years in the service ofgreat champions, Sidi has decided to apply our know-how and passion to Andrea’sprofessionalism, with the aim of creating a winning duo that will be easilyrecognizable to fans. And as a bonus, Andrea will contribute to the process ofproduct development that has always made up Sidi’s DNA.”

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