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This Autumn Is All About Beige According To Tucano Urbano

By: | Published 12 December 2011, 20:42 | Views: 6,555 | tags: scooters, jacket, jackets, united kingdom, italy, london, tucano urbano, clothing, accessories, autumn, motorcycles, casual
Autumn, the dark beige season, is here. From the catwalks to the streets, on foot and on two wheels the season’s must haves can be found in Tucano Urbano’s outerwear range. The brand that ensures you look fashionable anytime and anywhere.

FOR THE RAIN - GEORGE (code 8828, R.R.P. Included Vat £ 179.99), a waterproof coat designed for use on motorcycles and scooters. Made from Nylon Oxford fabric, it is breathable and waterproof with a thermal lining. It benefits from a reversible, quilted, windproof inner jacket, which can be worn separately. For complete protection it also has an ergonomic hood that folds into the collar of the inner jacket, pouches for protectors on elbows and shoulders, taped seams and reflective inserts on the collar (also available in black or blue, 6 sizes S/3XL).

FOR THE COLD - INSIDER (8831, R.R.P. Included Vat £ 56.99), and INSIDER LADY (8832, R.R.P. Included Vat £ 56.99), can be used as a thermal inner jacket or worn separately. Breathable nylon with elasticated side mesh inserts, polyester lining and padding, inside and outside pockets of various sizes and the ubiquitous reflective label (also available in black, 6 sizes S/3XL for the male version).

FOR (OFF-SEASON) TOURISM - GIACCA TRIP AB (8855, R.R.P. Included Vat £ 179.99): breathable and waterproof Nylon Oxford outer, with a ventilation system on the front, hips and back, it is equipped with a removable inner synthetic down jacket and features pouches for protectors on elbows and shoulders and ready to fit the Modulo Airbag AB (also available in black, 6 sizes S/3XL).

JUST FOR YOU - BARBET (8835, R.R.P. Included Vat £ 179.99), ¾ length breathable and waterproof women's jacket with a polyester down thermal lining, ergonomic hood with detachable faux fur lining and, of course, for your added safety, pouches for protectors on the elbows and shoulders (also available in black, 5 sizes 38/46).

Go beige with Tucano Urbano this autumn!

UK Distributor: Tucano Urbano Ltd 323A Fulham Road – London SW10 9QL

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NinjaJunkie | 12 December 2011, 21:37
I've been wearing beige for the last twenty f*cking years - beige suit, beige slip ons, beige tie, beige hat for crying out loud please catch up Tucano . . .

andrew&7 | 13 December 2011, 21:43
Mebbe it's making a comeback.

NinjaJunkie | 14 December 2011, 09:59
For some of us it never went away . . .
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