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Davida Helmets For Rollerburn Heroes Event

By: | Published 09 November 2011, 21:02 | Views: 1,856 | tags: helmets, davida, rollerburn, newark, sideburn magazine, motorcycle events, november, limited editions, customs, handmade
Rollerburn. The latest and most extravagant venture from Sideburn Magazine. It will be a full day of indoor mayhem with race bikes dragging tattooed Rollerball vixens, dressed for battle in fish net tights, hot pants and minimal body armour. Fearless girls. Thankfully they will be donning Davida helmets in the team colours of Houston, New York, Madrid, Tokyo from the cult classic film Rollerball. Just in case.

Helmet art has a long history at Davida where, for more than 20 years, customers have been able to be co-designers with Davida in creating their own one-off helmet designs. Their secret is that unlike most modern creations Davida helmets are still hand made in the UK . As with all their helmets, a customized helmet starts with a raw fiberglass shell that is primed, painted and lacquered by hand by Davida’s craftsmen at their workshop in Birkenhead.

Once the design has been applied to the shell it follows the standard manufacturing process.

Rollerburn, Newark Showground, Lincolnshire, NG24 2NY

Saturday 19th November 2011 2pm -11pm

Entry 10 pounds

Please visit for full product information and to locate a dealer near you or Telephone: +44 (0)151 647 2419 Fax: +44 (0)151 649 9611

Davida (UK) Ltd, 4-6 Pilgrim Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, United Kingdom, CH41 5EJ.

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