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Akrapovic 20 Year Anniversary Exhibition

By: | Published 23 August 2011, 18:40 | Views: 1,659 | tags: honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha, aprilia, ktm, yzf-r1, rsv4, exhausts, akrapovic, tuning, slovenia, jorge lorenzo, colin edwards, ben spies, alvaro bautista, max biaggi, anniversary, 20th
Akrapovic celebrates its twenty year anniversary this year with an outstanding exhibition of some of the most famous race motorcycles to be held in Slovenia.

Together, maybe for the first and only time are iconic racing machines, on and off road, from the last twenty years will be on display in one exhibition for a limited period.

Star exhibits include Suzuki GSR-V (Alvaro Bautista), Honda VTR SP-2 (Colin Edwards), Yamaha YZF-R1 (Ben Spies), Kawasaki ZX-RR (Shinya Nakano), Aprilia RSV4 (Max Biaggi), Suzuki RMZ450 (Steve Ramon), Yamaha YZF450 (James Stewart), KTM SXF350 (Antonio Cairoli), KTM LC8 950 Rallye (Fabrizio Meoni) and motorcycles from 2011 such as KTM Rallye 450 (Marc Coma) and Yamaha YZR-M1 (Jorge Lorenzo)

A range of engine exhibits and an opportunity for visitors to meet the Akrapovic team behind the successes.

Akrapovic, with the help of many of the top motorcycle race teams, have assembled an outstanding exhibition of some of the best racing machines. The exhibition which will run from August 11 to October 2nd 2011 will be held at the Technical Museum of Slovenia, Chateau Bistra, 1353 Borovnica, Bistra 6 near Ljubljana in Slovenia close to where Akrapovic is based.

Leadership in exhaust system solutions and excellence in innovative titanium technology: the Akrapovic Company was founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic, based on the experience he gained in the field of motorcycle tuning and racing. Akrapovic has since become the leading manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for motorcycles and since 2008 also for performance cars. It is also a leader in carbon parts and the innovative use of titanium. Akrapovic exhaust systems are known for their impact on performance, their lightness, durability and sound.

Akrapovic has achieved international prominence by the successful support of leading racing teams. To-date 57 World Champions, including 8 Champions in 2010, have achieved their success with Akrapovic exhaust systems. The Company operates from state-of-the-art factories in Slovenia, employing 500 people and it distributes its products to over sixty countries.

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