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Remus Announce Slip On For Diavel

By: | Published 23 August 2011, 19:32 | Views: 3,409 | tags: ducati, diavel, remus, exhaust, can, slip on, accessories, performance parts ltd, available, united kingdom, carbon, stainless steel, baffle, road legal
Remus are very pleased to announce a Hypercone slip on kit for the extraordinary Ducati Diavel.

The innovative design of the Hypercone slip on adds an extra aggressive dimension to the Diavel’s muscular lines and offers a considerable weight saving, increased power and a deep, aggressive sound.

The Hypercone silencer features full stainless steel construction, hexagonal tapered design with a carbon fibre outlet cap, and with a removable baffle core to keep the noise friendly, but with no cat convertor the silencer kit is not road legal.

Options – (Removable Baffle – Not Road Legal – No Cat.)

  • Satin Stainless - RRP £ 354 inc vat
  • Satin Black Stainless - RRP £ 375 inc vat
  • Weight Saving 4.84 kg
  • Power Increase 5 bhp @ peak (2.8nm Torque increase)
  • No remapping and fuelling changes required. All Remus products are designed to standard air and fuel ratios.

For further details contact Colin Peabody on 01788 869100 or

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Ducati Diavel Hypercone detail.jpgDucati Diavel Hypercone.jpg

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Choprocker | 26 August 2011, 13:25
sorry, i still cant get wot the big deal is with this bike, to me it looks confused and dont know wot sort of bike it is supposed to be and looks odd, in a bad way.
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