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Optimate 3+ Charges Back

By: | Published 10 August 2011, 12:58 | Views: 1,266 | tags: general, accessories, battery chargers, optimate, 3, 4, garages, workshops, improved
OptiMate has expanded it's range of smart battery chargers with the reintroduction of the cost effective OptiMate 3+ to complement the range-topping OptiMate 4 Dual programme.

Recommended by eight major motorcycle manufacturers, and featuring a sealed splash proof casing, the OptiMate 3+ is designed to be connected to the battery whenever a motorcycle is not in use, monitoring battery condition and topping up the charge as required.

With a reputation for recovering very neglected batteries, Optimate 3+ has a desulfation process that can restore batteries whose charge has fallen as low as two volts. This essential device also performs automatic hourly tests for electrical problems. Its simple to read information panel features six LEDs, indicating power on/off, inverse polarity (connected to the wrong battery terminals), recovery mode, charging status, good condition and voltage drop (below 12.4 volts). This indicates battery condition and highlights any maintenance being performed, alerting owners to potential problems, such as the battery failing to hold its charge. It is also extremely accurate, monitoring battery voltage to ensure that not only is the correct information displayed but also that the battery is fully charged.

Supplied with traditional crocodile clips and a weatherproof lead that can be attached to the battery and routed to a convenient location for easy connection to the charger, the OptiMate 3+ is safe to use with all types of lead-acid batteries, including Maintenance Free and GEL varieties.

OptiMate 3+ is available from all good motorcycle dealers at the recommended retail price of £47.99 including VAT.

Visit for details.

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