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Rizoma Treat The Mighty Diavel To Some Classy Accessories

By: Andrew Harbron | Published 04 August 2011, 10:00 | Views: 2,076 | tags: rizoma, italian, parts, billet, cnc, alloy, accessories, modifications, ducati, diavel, trick
The new Ducati Diavel can definitely be named the bike of the year. This unusually good-looking, powerful, addictive and extremely thrilling motorcycle keeps astonishing more and more enthusiasts all over the world. As a rule, Diavel owners want to stand out from the crowd with original design and uncompromising technical features for ultimate performance.

Rizoma has followed the desires of passionate Diavel riders and created a complete line of accessories, which add to the Diavel’s style, performance and elegance at the same time.

The front of the bike can be personalized with an innovativealuminium handlebar foran improved riding position with respect tothe stock one (height 8mm lower, opengripangleof +7°). The front spoiler, also entirely made of aluminium, can be installed both on the stock and RIZOMAhandlebars (in the latter case it is adjustable up to 20mm upwards for a better aerodynamics). Distinct.

Check out the latest side protection for the radiator and frame, the water pump guard and the newest EVO rearsets.

The rear of the bike can be rendered more attractive and neat with the RIZOMA license plate, CNC cut from solid billet alloys, available in two variants: one called “Arm Side” and the other “Side Mount”, both complete with plentiful adjustment options.

The RIZOMA list of the Diavel products continues!

RIZOMA can offer you a rich choice of solutions for further individualization of your gorgeous bike: all kinds of mirrors with adapters, grips, bar ends, brake and clutch levers, PROGUARD SYSTEM, fuel cap, brake and clutch fluid tank caps, fork sliders and a series of frame caps.

The last but not the least, a refined clutch cover, designed to merge the technical concept and style in one single component!

To make the story short,the RIZOMA Kit for the Ducati Diavel is a true work of art on two wheels!

The complete RIZOMA accessories line for the Ducati Diavel is presented at

This exclusive video of the Diavel by RIZOMA is also worth watching

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