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Husqvarna Racing News From Latvia MX

By: | Published 21 July 2011, 12:49 | Views: 679 | tags: husqvarna, germany, mx2, enduro, alex lupino, paolo gonçalves, simone albergoni, kegums, latvia, christian weiss, leib, alex salvini
The MX circus stayed for its 10th round at the city of Kegums in Latvia. Finishing 15th in the qualifying race Alex Lupino was not very lucky in the first race. After a good start and 2 laps in 11th position he dropped back to 16th place where he finished. After a bad start in race two he was able to make up his way from 23rd to 11th place at the finish.

Leib has not been able to recover from his injury of the beginning of the season. In race one he had another crash in which he injured his foot, but instead of giving up he was able to fight his way back to 17th position. In race two he started with pain in his foot which did not seem to affect his performance as he plowed through the field to 12th position until he had to give up due to excessive pain.


The 4th round of the German Cross Country Championship took place in Goldbach in one of Germany's biggest forest areas. All riders had to struggle with the heavy rain and muddy conditions. Problems with the clutch prevented Speedbrain's Paolo Gonçalves finishing higher than 5th. But luckily his strongest competitor for the championship Christian Weiss was only able to finish in 3rd so that Paolo keeps a 7 point gap in the championship.


In the 450cc 4-Stroke-Class Simone Albergoni dominated with a win on day one and two the 4th round of the Italian Championship in Casazza near Bergamo. Also Alex Salvini with a 2nd place on the first day and a win on day 2 can be satisfied with his results.

The other Husqvarna riders Giacomo Redondi and Maurizio Gerini, who finished 2nd on both days, in the 125cc-class and the 250cc 4-stroke class were also successful.

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