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The Three "motocross Generations" By Sidi Sport

By: | Published 19 July 2011, 10:11 | Views: 975 | tags: ktm, boots, sidi, belgium, portugal, mx1, mx2, rui goncalves, tony cairoli, stefan, everts, liam, crossfire
Tony Cairoli is continuing his quest towards victory in the motocross MX1 World Championship.Over the week-end the champion from the Sidi Sport stables performed a magical double in the Latvia Grand Prix. On the Kegums circuit the reigning world champion literally dominated both rounds of the race, coming in ahead of Frenchman Frossard and Russian Bobryshev. Cairoli rode the race his way, putting on a show and blowing away the competition. Rounding out Sidi’s success in Latvia was also a great fourth place for Portugal ’s rider Rui Goncalves . With this fantastic test Cairoli has strengthened his advantage in the general standings, to 42 points over his closest rival, Belgium ’s Desalle.

Sidi Sport is now confirmed as a major player in the world of motocross. Sidi and off-road racing share a special bond. Motocross has always been an exciting sport that has given the company from Maser some tremendous satisfaction. The company’s commitment has something to do with it, but it’s the extraordinary champions from the Sidi stables who help us stand out in the field.

Tony Cairoli , born in Sicily in 1985, represents motocross’ present and is living proof of Sidi’s success in this field, with four World Titles: two in MX2 (2005 and 2007) and two in MX1(2009 and 2010). He’s also getting closer and closer to the 2011 championship title.

And how could we forget the recent past, represented by a man who has already become a motocross legend with his record-breaking victories. This legend has a name, and it’s Stefan Everts , born in Belgium in 1972. 72 is also the number he always wore when he raced his motorcycle. Stefan is one of the most respected and admired motorcycle riders of all time. In 2006 he captured his tenth world title before retiring from competition. In his entire career he racked up 101 Grand Prix titles and in 2011 he beat former record holder Joel Robert, who had totalled 50. After having made motocross history Everts passed the torch to Cairoli, whom he supports as team manager for KTM.

However, now there’s a young Liam Everts following in his father’s footsteps. Motocross has been an Everts family tradition starting with Grandpa Harry Everts, 1975 World Champion in the 250 class, followed by his son Stefan and now being carried on with his grandson , Liam. Being a “celebrity-child” isn’t easy, but for now young Liam is taking on the hard world of motocross as if it were a game, a smile on his face and all the recklessness of a 7-year-old, even though in his first mini-cross races he’s already demonstrated savvy, dexterity and know-how.

Stefan Everts represents the past , Tony Cairoli is the present and Liam Everts…perhaps the future . In addition to the passion for motocross that runs in their veins like a raging river and bonds these three riders together, there are also Sidi Crossfire boots, the number one footwear in off- road races, unbeatable on any terrain and even in the most extreme weather.

In the attached photos you can see the “three generations” of cross by Sidi Sport, brought together for the occasion by Stefano Scagliarini , head of Sidi off-road operations for more than 15 years. Yesterday, today and tomorrow : either way Sidi Crossfire boots always make it to the top of the podium.

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