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Association For Electric And Alternative Fuel Motorcycles And Scooters Is Green For Go!

By: | Published 28 June 2011, 11:51 | Views: 1,950 | tags: scooters, united kingdom, europe, london, birmingham, boris johnson, mayor, electric, alternative, fuels, motorbikes, powered two wheelers, mci, source, kulveer ranger
The Motor CycleIndustry Association (MCI) has launched the eMCI for manufacturers and distributors of electric and alternative powered motorbikes and scooters in the UK . This gives the opportunity for businesses to come together and to benefit from the expertise of the MCI, established over 100 years ago, in order to protect and promote the motorcycle industry and expand the motorcycle market.

The new association also means that eMCI members can present a strong united voice in order to influence the adoption of electric powered two-wheelers (ePTWs) in the UK . Speaking to Government and other influential policymakers, the eMCI calls for the same incentives being offered to electric car owners to be extended to electric motorbike and scooter riders –particularly as there are twice as many electric PTWs being sold in the UK than electric cars.

The official launch, at London ’s City Hall, was attended by Steve Kenward, CEO, MCI and Kulveer Ranger, Boris Johnson’s Director for the Environment. Boris too made an appearance and even rode one of the display models. The Mayor wants London to be the capital of electric driving in Europe and he recently launched Source London, the first city-wide and the UK ’s largest electric vehicle charge point network and membership scheme.

For more information:

Kulveer Ranger said: “We already know there is a massive appetite for two wheel travel in this city and I think the time is absolutely right for greater support and representation for those opting for cleaner, greener electric motorbikes.”

Representative electric vehicle companies included Zero Motorcycles, Quantya Bikes UK, Oxygenelectric Cargo Scooters and Emissions Free Solutions . ZeroMotorcycles also announced the loan of one of their electric motorcycles to the Metropolitan Police Service Motorcycle Tasking team.

Motorcycles and scooters have the potential to address many of the country’s transport problems, reduce congestion and transport Co2 and improve the quality of life for commuters. The MCI and eMCI, along with other principal motorcycle organisations are jointly calling for Government to ensure that future transport, business and social policy realises the full potential of biking by:

  • Providing a fair deal for motorcycle and scooter riders, industry and sport.
  • Making motorcycles an integral part of the future transport and social policy mix: 'Think Bike'.
  • Recognising motorcycling as part of overall policies to encourage low polluting, low congestion and low Co2 transport.
  • Refocusing road safety action on tackling the real causes of accidents.

Put simply, motorcycling

  • Reduces congestion
  • Reduces journey times
  • Reduces the cost of commuting
  • Reduces Co2

For a concise and easy to read summary of these policies see ‘TheCase for Motorcycling’ at .

MCI CEO, Steve Kenward said,
“The eMCI is calling for the Government’s ‘Plug in Grant’ for eCars to be extended to ePTWs, for ePTW inclusion in future electric vehicle planning and policy and for Government to recognise the added benefits of these bikes in terms of reduced congestion and easier parking. We also seek Government support for start up businesses working in the area of low carbon technology for ePTWs.”

Anyone working in the electric or alternative fuel PTW industry who wants to know more about the association and what they have to offer should contact Dave Luscombeon 07831 225798, dave@rowanpublicaffairs.comor Craig Carey-Clinch on 07979 757484

Photos: Paul Blezard, Tel. 07974674199

Photo captions: - eMCI Launch - Zero Motorcycles loan electric bike to police - (left toright) Susan Finn (Zero Motorcycles) and Sergeant Mick Cheeseman(Metropolitan police)

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eMCI Launch - Oxygen Electric CargoScooter.jpgeMCI launch - Zero Motorcycles loan electric bike to police lr.jpgeMCI Launch Ride To Work Day 20 June 2011 lr.jpg


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