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Box Clever With SW Motech T-Ray Remote Control

By: | Published 22 June 2011, 09:27 | Views: 2,147 | tags: accessories, t-ray, motohaus, topbox, luggage, remote, control, central locking, motorcycles, bikes, motech
SW motech has introduced remote control top boxes to its luggage range. T-RaY top boxes can be locked and unlocked completely remotely, from up to 50 metres away. The transponder can be operated inside a pocket, leaving hands free and reducing the chance of lost keys. It will also lock automatically, after 20 seconds, to keep contents safe. An anti-tamper alarm is also built-in. T-RaY top boxes fit most bikes and scooters, and come in 28, 36 and 48 litre versions. Priced from  £151.21 including VAT.

T-Ray in detail

  • New from SW motech, the new T-Ray range of remote control top boxes are operated with a simple press of a button, removing the need to carry multiple keys or operate the fiddly lock systems that are often found on hard-luggage.
  • The T-RaY system allows the user to lock and unlock the top box completely remotely, up to 50 metres away, and from multiple directions. The transponder also works through clothing so it can be operated inside a pocket, leaving hands free to load and unload the box, and reducing the chance of lost keys.
  • For extra peace of mind, if the top box is left closed for more than 20 seconds, the T-RaY system locks it  automatically, to help ensure contents are not left unprotected. There’s also an integrated alarm, operated if the box is tampered with or opened, to help deter thieves.
  • Should the user prefer, the T-RaY can also be operated manually, with the key supplied.

SW Motech T-RaY Topcases can be fitted to a range of motorcycles and scooters, and come complete with a universal adapter plate for mounting directly on the SW Motech ALU-RACK and Scooter Racks. Each box features an integrated LED brake light, to help reduce reaction times of drivers and riders following, and comes complete with a soft lining to help protect contents.

Cases are available in stylish black, silver and white colour ways and come in three sizes: 28, 36 and 48 litres, priced £151.21, £181.46 and £221.80 respectively. All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

For further info contact Motohaus Powersports on 01256 704909 or visit .

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matt | 22 June 2011, 12:35
really? why would you need to unlock your topbox from a distance? got to be one of the most pointless things i have ever heard of!

Jay | 22 June 2011, 12:46
So when you're sipping on a beer after a long ride, the pillion can go retrieve your belongings.
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